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I agree no gen 5 for me either. I already have five Glocks in several calibers but didn't have a Glock 17 so I went to my LGS to see the Glock 17 gen 5. While the trigger may have been a little better than the gen 4 everything else was just a little off. It did not have the new frame bevel which really isn't a big deal and the internals are different. I did not like the frame cutout on the bottom of the grip and though I like the smooth frame over the finger grooved ones the grip did not feel as comfortable as my Glock 22 gen 2's grip, I wonder why? Anyway I purchased the gen4 Glock 17 it just felt more like a Glock plus better aftermarket stuff that I probably will never buy. I think Glock hit an infield double instead of a home run with the Gen 5's
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