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No acceptance speech in Milwaukee for Dementia Joe

  1. Announced that Dementia Joe will not give an acceptance speech at the convention.

    Guaranteed it will be a recorded acceptance speech. No way Dementia Joe handlers will allow a live speech.

    And there are not going to be any debates either. That I can guarantee. No way Dementia Joe will be allowed in public without a carefully controlled venue.

    can guarantee Susan Rice will be VP (real President if Dementia Joe elected) also.
  2. Yep. As soon as it came out he isn't going to the convention because of the "virus" I figured this gives him the out for the debates as well. You know the media will be singing his praises about how responsible he is for showing leadership by hiding
  3. Guess they'll just create a CG Biden-in-a-box, similar to Max Headroom, for any needed publicly televised statements? Easier to craft the desired presentation. :p
  4. They can use Old Max and no one would no the difference.
    Pretty funny actually... :honkie:
  5. One thing about Susan Rice is she is not a rabid socialist like all her other colleagues. She would not be steam rolled like the other crazy *****es being considered for VP. Rice and spouse.

  6. Isn’t that culture appropriation?!
  7. [​IMG]
  8. Is she going to stand next to him on stage and speak for him like she has been doing on the news?
  9. True, but she is a vacuous puppet....
  10. Hidin' Biden aka Sleepy Joe
  11. "One thing about Susan Rice is she is not a rabid socialist like all her other colleagues."

    What???? She's NOT a Rabid Socialist? She's Obama in drag and she's part and parcel of that whole corrupt administration and their most prominent liar.
  12. Susan rice... Benghazi anyone????
  13. Tucker seems certain it will be Susan Rice also. Biden/Rice = Obama's puppets

    It would be about putting the most corrupt politicians possibly ever, back in the White House.
  14. I'm still completely clueless as to why the Dims are putting Biden out there as their candidate. How could anyone with an IQ above 75 think that he would be capable to be the Commander in Chief?!?? I'm beginning to think I'm the crazy one and the rest of the US is sane!!
  15. Like I said, she's their most prominent liar. and no matter how many times she lies, and gets caught, she has 100 percent credibility.

    But that's OK. Democrats are allowed to lie to us because it's always for our own good. They have a higher purpose for lying, and the ends always justify the means.
  16. The conventions are pretty much a waste of time this year. Trump isn’t going to the RNC and Joe won’t be at the DNC.
  17. She lies but she is extremely smart. She is the last person we want Joe to pick as a running mate.
  18. You better checkout the history of these candidates. Susan Rice is foreign policy wonk, the ones are outright communists.
    We don’t want Dementia Joe to win, but if the worst comes to pass, S Rice is better than the progressive commie reparation pushing biatches.
  19. Bu bu bu bu bu but its jus jus jus jus because of the damn virus. Did you do coke, are you a junkie?
  20. Joe needs a body double.
  21. [​IMG][/QUOTE]
    Ever have one of those things in school called, "What is wrong with this picture"?
  22. Let me clarify a bit. I think Joe has the best chance of winning with Rice as his running mate. Some of the others - not so much.
  23. If Joe wins, Susan will be running the country then. I am not sure if that is all too bad.
  24. Joe Biden has his wife Jill making public "responses" for him...

    What presidential candidate has his wife do his responding for him??? :dunno: :headscratch:

  25. Susan Rice is an outright Anti-American pro-islamic Communist just like Obama. Rice and Obama are joined at the hip Ideologically. She is a greater threat than Harris because she's more intelligent and she'd be all for repartations as well.
  26. Easy to do with CGI. They could create a "Joe Headroom."
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  29. They are getting a bit nervous about it. It is being whispered the Creepy Joe is declining RAPIDLY now to the point that another candidate may need to be considered.
  30. First black woman president...? I`m guessing thats his winning ticket to beating trump...???

    :animlol::animlol::animlol::animlol::animlol::animlol::animlol::animlol: GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!!! Trump will STOMP her a$$ instantly.
    Look at her track record of lies and corruption folks.... BAAAAAAhahahahaha!
    Shall i start with BENGAZI, COVERING UP FOR OBAMA... etc etc etc
  31. And just like that, the seed was planted...
  32. Dont let the RATS live rent free in your head. You`re NOT crazy, THEY are! We`ll beat them!!!!

    TRUMP 2020!!!
  33. #0 Skeptical Chihuahua.jpg
  34. Folks, I forgot to add the smiley on my comment above. I apologize...
  35. If Joe wins, Jill will be running the country as Woodrow Wilson's wife and FDR's wife did!
  36. [​IMG]
  37. I am laughing at the Democrat party. :animlol:
  38. [​IMG]
  39. Yeah... I think in reality it will be a combination of obama, pelosi, schumer, soros and every other disgusting Marxist radical in the commiecrat party.
  40. husky.JPG
  41. There was a blues musician, Jimmy Reed, who used to record with his wife whispering the lyrics in his ear....
  42. I'm going to go the other way, I think there will be debates. They'll cite stuff like this as an example that they can do virtual debates from Joe's home bunker, where he can have someone telling him what to say off camera.

    He will still terribly bungle it and they'll shut it down due to technical difficulties for sure.

    But they won't try to go through to election without at least trying one debate, swing voters won't go for that, I don't think.
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