NJ Dems push measures to protect illegal immigrants, vow to defy Trump

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    "New Jersey Democrats push measures to protect illegal immigrants, vow to defy Trump

    By Elizabeth Llorente

    Published February 15, 2017

    Democratic lawmakers in New Jersey introduced bills this week calling on the state to reimburse so-called sanctuary cities that lose federal funding. And on Wednesday, Assemblyman John Wisniewski introduced legislation designating New Jersey a “sanctuary state,” generally preventing law enforcement officers from initiating contact with immigration officials, and from using state resources for the purpose of enforcing immigration laws.

    In addition, several towns that have significant immigrant populations have declared themselves sanctuaries, saying they will not reach out to immigration officials about illegal immigrants they arrest or provide a service to unless they are serious criminals or a national security threat.

    “We are putting President Trump and his administration on notice,” said Wisniewski in written public announcement about his legislation. “New Jersey will not be a ‘willing partner’ to the unjustified and inhumane deportations of our neighbors and friends.”

    http://www.foxnews.com/politics/201...ect-illegal-immigrants-vow-to-defy-trump.html "

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