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Night vision, pepperbox, medical kits, palm IIIx palm pilot.

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by captjordan, Aug 11, 2003.

  1. captjordan


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    Jul 13, 2002
    First is New in the Box, Night Vision Monocular with manual, video, and case. It is first Generation. Here is the companies add that I bought them from a couple months ago. I paid $299 plus $15 to ship:

    At just 16 ounces, the Night Owl Night Vision Monocular boasts a powerful integrated infrared illuminator in one of the lightest body styles available. It's no wonder that this model is the all-time best-selling consumer night vision monocular out there.

    An excellent choice for those who need a compact and easy-to-operate device Ideal for recreational use, such as camping, hiking, fishing, boating and nature viewing
    Equipped with a 42 mm objective lens operating at a 1:1.2 aperture with 3.1x image magnification for quality nocturnal viewing
    Easy-to-operate power and IR controls, both with indicator lights
    Attractive body design
    Focusing range of 8 feet
    Field of view at 1,000 yards: 628 feet
    Weighs just 1 pound
    Dimensions: 7.2"L x 2.4"W x 3.2"H
    Uses 2 AA batteries (not included)
    Brands You Trust: Night Owl Optics Night Owl Optics offers industry-leading expertise integrated with the highest level of technology and design. Whether it's their award-winning monoculars, binoculars or goggles, you can be assured of high quality, the latest styling and outstanding performance -- even in complete darkness.

    RETAIL PRICE $299.99

    My Price................................... $190 shipped and insured




    Pepperbox 4-shot revolver black powder pistol in excellent working condtion. It is in MUCH better shape than others I have seen. It works great. .36cal and lots of fun. Only markings on the pistol are "19826P CMC Pat Pend"

    Will Sell For................. $180 shipped and insured





    USGI Medical and IV Kit (2 avail.)

    On bag is printed:
    Case, Medical Instrument and
    Supply Set, Nylon, Nonrigid, No. 3"

    Included in this Med Kit is:

    Angiocath IV catheter needle sets-several in kit
    surgical gloves-several
    surgical sponge-one
    surgical scissors-one
    alcohol preps-several
    500 ml IV bag with .9% Sodium Chloride Injection IV solution-two in each kit
    IV Set tube and needle
    first aid field bandage, camoflage-8-10ea kit
    surgical tape-one in new kit
    field OD green folding case with four compartments that roll up into one satchel-one

    These are the REAL DEAL, current issue. VERY RARE with IV's.

    Price.................... $150 for NEW kit delivered, $110 for used, but excellent cond. kit, delivered




    Palm IIIx Palm Pilot in New condition in working order with the stylus, but no cradle. The cradle can be purchased anywhere for aroung $10-30.

    Price................................... $100