Night Shift

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    "The Night Shift

    A man got a job as a night watchman at a factory.
    There had been a
    lot of thefts by the workers on the night shift, and
    so every
    morning when the night shift workers passed through
    his gate it
    was his job to check their bags and pockets to make
    sure that
    nothing was being stolen.

    Things were going along very well the first night on
    the job until
    a man pushing a wheelbarrow of newspapers came through
    the gate.
    Aha, he thought, that man thinks he can cover up what
    he is
    stealing with that newspaper. So he romoved the paper
    only to find
    nothing. Still he felt that the man was acting
    strangley, so he
    questioned him about the paper.

    "I get a little extra mponey from newspapers I
    recycle, so I go
    into the lunchroom and pick up all the ones people
    have thrown
    away." The guard let him pass, but decided to keep a
    close eye on
    him. The next night it was the same, and the night
    after that.
    Week after week it went on. The same guy would push
    wheelbarrow of newspapers past the guard's checkpoint.
    The guard
    would always check and find nothing.

    Then one night, about a year later, the guard reported
    for work
    only to find a message had been left for him telling
    him to report
    to the supervisor. He walked into the supervisor's
    office and
    before he could say a word, the boss said, "You're

    "Fired?" he asked in total surprise. "Why? What did I

    "It was your job to make sure that no one stole
    anythin from this
    plant and you have failed. So you're fired."

    "Wait a minute, what do you mean failed. Nobody ever
    anything from this place while I was on guard."

    "Oh, really," the boss answered. "Then how do you
    account for the
    fact that there are 365 wheelbarrows missing?"