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Night Lights

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I've read many threads here about tactical lights on/for a bedside gun. Some time ago I got to thinking about that - with my own experience of using flashlights at night; eyes adapting to glare and regaining night vision. Didn't like where my thoughts were going, so experimented.

After sleeping for several hours one night, I woke for a pit stop and remembering this, I picked up the Cree light I keep by the bed with my Glock 29, pointed it toward the door and turned it on. Migawd - I was instantly blinded by the back glare. Couldn't see a thing. "If" someone had been there, they'd have been fairly safe.

Next day I dug around in my possibles bin in the shop and came up with an old, single AA cell LED flashlight. Then went into my recycle battery box and picked out an AA that was almost flat. Put that combination on the bedside cabinet.

Next night, same thing.....woke in middle of night; turned on the weak light and my eyes squinched down some but I could still see clearly and the weak beam was more than sufficient to see 10 ft to the bedroom door. That little light is my new go-to light for after dark emergencies. Food for thought.
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I agree with you at that close of range 2000 lumen is blinding for outside maybe but a much lower power light in the house. I did hear of a retired cop who kept his Surefire 10,000 lumens flashlight and a small fog horn beside his door, he said it worked like a flashbang. I can't help but smile and laugh at what the expression on the person on the other side of the door would be!
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