Nice thing about the stock Glock sights...dialing in your load

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    Jul 26, 2008
    Setting up one of my new Glocks just thought I'd share something I like about Glocks much maligned factory plastic sights.

    Just for my 9mm Glocks shooting loads from 90 Grain zippy defense loads for some guns, to 147 competition minor plinkers for others (my 34 I use for USPSA and IDPA), I often find factory sights set to "standard loads" to be off quite bit elevation wise one way or the other. My solution was that for under $20 I could get all 4 heights of Glocks plastic rear sights.

    I take the new gun to the range, try out load I intend to use in the gun most often, then just try the different rear sights (not worrying about windage too much), then order the same height factory rear site in steel. I've also helped out several friends who were just not really into shooting enough to invest in more expensive sights, but who's individual Glock/Load combo did not hit very well to point of impact.

    I know a lot of people don't like the sight picture, but hey at least one thing to be said for the cheap, easy on, easy off , sights :)