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Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by IslandCop, Nov 25, 2004.

  1. IslandCop


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    Aug 11, 2004
    This is a new in box, Masters of Defense ATAC Fighter. It is black with a partial serrated blade & kydex sheath. Here is the factory propaganda:

    The stunning new Duane Dieter/Jim Ray collaboration called the ATAC (Advanced Tactical Combat Fighter) has just been awarded the prestigious International Blade Show's Overall Knife of the Year trophy. Production versions of this revolutionary fixed blade will be available in late August 2001. Like the entire MOD line, the blade features advanced metals, cryogenic metal conditioning, and the meticulous attention to detail recognized by the voters at this years show. Intended as a full-on combat fighter, the ATAC features a non-conductive handle with a built -in "hammer" in the pommel.
    This is a weapon of War. It is the battle implement you can depend on when you run out of bullets, or when shooting is just not appropriate. Designed to dominate and deliver any situation, The CQD Advanced Tactical Fighter offers a multitude of operational capabilities. High carbon steel with a titanium carbo-nitride finish provides ultimate sharpness as well as toughness necessary in field applications. The Grip Seal System is a combination of machining techniques, design features and materials that provides the most positive grip - both traction and security - available in a fixed blade. The integrated Striker Hilt provides the operator with a host of options. Prying, impact strikes, blocking and trapping techniques, pressure point applications, and limited penetration are but a few of the choices available. Each feature of this extraordinary knife was created with specific operational applications and capabilities in mind. From the double -edged
    recurved blade that enhances cutting potential and maximizes hacking or blunt force side blade strikes, to the protected steel butt cap, perfect for hammering or impact assignments, The Mark V ATAC Fighter delivers high speed, no-nonsense precision. M90-4 Black Serrated

    Price is $199 SHIPPED! It goes to evil eBay tomorrow night... Tnx--->Scott