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Next Load Up!! A range report 21 years in the making!!

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I bought this P229 in March, 1999. At that time, I could find about seven or eight ammo offerings (357Sig)from a few manufactures. Then, as new offerings came along, I would buy a box or two. These include factory, factory remanufactured, frangible and (what some may call) exotic ammo - from large manufacturers down to (what some may call) "boutique". The lightest load I have shot thru thru the P229 was 45gr and the heaviest load was 180gr.
Well, on this trip I shot loads 198, 199 and 200 - Two of the offerings being from Hornady:

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First load up was Hornady - 115g - FXT (critical defense). Only 20 rounds in this box so only once "around the pattern". I say a range trip is like a fishing trip..... You always forget something! Well, I forgot the popper on this trip so no 30 yard target. Here are the first three shots at 14 yards on paper:

Firearm Gun Trigger Airsoft Airsoft gun

Not sure where the first shot went? I assume high. Without paying attention, I put black sticker targets on a black background, and I was cussing myself for doing so when I lined up the first shot! (that's my excuse...and I'm sticking with it!)
Anyway, a pretty good run the rest of the way. I went three-fer-three on 18 yard steel to my left and the same on this 18 yard steel to my right:

Gun Air gun Recreation Shooting Shooting sport

And 3/3 on the gong at 25 yards as well:

Gun Air gun Shooting Shooting sport Revolver

Actually...NO misses the rest of the way! Hit each of three knockdowns at 35 yard on the first shot and then went 5/5 on the far steel @50 yards! Every round fed, fired and extracted perfectly!

Next load up was Fiocchi - 124g -XTPHP and here was six shots (two sets of three) on paper @14 yards with it!:

Firearm Gun Trigger Gun accessory Airsoft gun

Ended up going 7/7 on both 18 yard steels. Here was the 18 yard steel to my left:

Shooting range Shooting Recreation Shooting sport

I hit the gong a respectable six-outta-seven..... and did OK on two of the knockdowns at 35 yards. Here was my numbers on those:

2-4 on the 8" square knockdown target
1-5 on the 8" round knockdown target
2-3 on the 7.2x12" small silhouette knockdown target

The round knockdown was a bug-a-boo! And I thought I should have done better at the far steel, where I only hit 50% at 5/10. Anyway, the Fiocchi functioned flawlessly as well!
No big celebrations with pumpkins and full soda cans like when I hit the 10,000 round plateau, but I did take out this paint can with one shot (about 10 yards) with the Fiocchi:

Gun Firearm Trigger Airsoft Airsoft gun

Next load up (and the 200th load) was Hornady - 90g - Frangible and here are six shots @14 yards on paper with it:

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I only went around the steel one time at normal I like to use frangible ammo "up close and personal". I only had one miss - at the gong at 25 yards! Here is one shot, one hit on each of the knockdowns at 35 yards:

Geology Asphalt

And then 3/3 on the far steel at 50 yards:

Shooting range Recreation Sport venue

After that, I got up close to the steel pictured above, and practiced drawing and quick double or triple taps! No issues with the Hornady frangible either so perfect function on the day with the P229.
In the 200 loads, I have now shot all the offerings from CCI Speer = 6
all the offerings from Federal = 7
all the offerings from Hornady = 8
all the offerings from Winchester = 7

Totals for the pistol:

357Sig: 11,206 rounds representing 200 offerings
40S&W: 236 rounds representing 1 offering

Parting shot: exit hole on paint can using Fiocchi ammo!
Firearm Gun Trigger Airsoft Airsoft gun
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Plant Sky Asphalt Gas Motor vehicle

Had old faithful out for a short run! this is Ammo by Pistol Pete - 124g - HP and it shot great!
This is nine shots at 23 yards! Missed shot 10 somehow!

Totals NOW for the pistol:

357Sig: 11,256 rounds representing 201 offerings
40S&W: 236 rounds representing 1 offering

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Well that’ll work!

And thanks by the way, for all the info you’ve shared, and work you’ve done over these years. It’s definitely appreciated.

And the round, and pistols for it, remain special.
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