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Newbie ?? What 9mm does a glock use exactly ?

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Hi...Somethinzfishy here. First of all I am totally new to the whole firearm scene and have been spending months doing research into what a first handgun would be. I am 35 years old and my brother in law finally talked me into the whole thing. I am very interested in purchasing a G19 and everyone here seems to love them so my question is about that...
Ok dont kill me here but I have stupid newbie bullet question...
On when you look at the specs for models when you read the info on the G19 it says caliber is 9X19...Ok so its a 9mm...
But just for fun when I look up prices on ammo and what it is going to cost me to shoot I'm confused because there are 9mm " choices ".
9mm - 9mm 9X18 - 9mm Luger and a few more I think so....
As far as a G19 goes if I'm thinking about buying one and of course learning how to shoot the right way and have training at a ranger and all that......what caliber exactly does a glock 19 use because I'm confused ?
Is there the option of 9mm but with different lengths or something ?
Also for a beginner at a range learning the ins and out of the sport and target shooting what is a good round for a G19?
I am aware that th ranger guys say to come try out different guns before making a final decision so I get that but Geeeeeezzzzz these G19's look so darn nifty !!!
But again and please excuse the long windedness what exactly does a G19 use - round wise ??
- Somethinzfishy
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The G19 uses a 9mm cartridge that has many names. It was originally chambered in a pistol called the Luger, and the cartridge is probably most commonly called 'the 9mm Luger'.

Others are '9mm Parabellum', 9x19mm, and 9mm Nato.

Take a look at my picture thread which is 'stickied' at the top of this forum, you should find at least one picture in there that will show you the difference between 9x17, 9x18, and 9x19.....and maybe even others.

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