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Hi...Somethinzfishy here. First of all I am totally new to the whole firearm scene and have been spending months doing research into what a first handgun would be. I am 35 years old and my brother in law finally talked me into the whole thing. I am very interested in purchasing a G19 and everyone here seems to love them so my question is about that...
Ok dont kill me here but I have stupid newbie bullet question...
On when you look at the specs for models when you read the info on the G19 it says caliber is 9X19...Ok so its a 9mm...
But just for fun when I look up prices on ammo and what it is going to cost me to shoot I'm confused because there are 9mm " choices ".
9mm - 9mm 9X18 - 9mm Luger and a few more I think so....
As far as a G19 goes if I'm thinking about buying one and of course learning how to shoot the right way and have training at a ranger and all that......what caliber exactly does a glock 19 use because I'm confused ?
Is there the option of 9mm but with different lengths or something ?
Also for a beginner at a range learning the ins and out of the sport and target shooting what is a good round for a G19?
I am aware that th ranger guys say to come try out different guns before making a final decision so I get that but Geeeeeezzzzz these G19's look so darn nifty !!!
But again and please excuse the long windedness what exactly does a G19 use - round wise ??
- Somethinzfishy

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The 9mm Glock uses the 9X19mm(9mm parabellum), 9mm Luger round. Those are different ways of referring to the "9mm. Others such as 9X17, 9X18 are of different lengths/calibers. I believe the .380 auto is the 9X17.

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The G19 uses a 9mm cartridge that has many names. It was originally chambered in a pistol called the Luger, and the cartridge is probably most commonly called 'the 9mm Luger'.

Others are '9mm Parabellum', 9x19mm, and 9mm Nato.

Take a look at my picture thread which is 'stickied' at the top of this forum, you should find at least one picture in there that will show you the difference between 9x17, 9x18, and 9x19.....and maybe even others.

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Others have perfectly covered what the Glock uses, but I'll just add, that almost all references of modern guns being chambered in the 9 mean 9X19 Luger.

The only ones you'll probably consider using are the 9X17, 9X19, and 9X25.
The 9X17 is almost always referred to as the .380 and the 9X25 Dillon is a very fast round that can be used in 10MM guns with the appropriate barrel change.

IIRC, the 9X21 is a 9MM designed for Europe where "military calibers" are often outlawed (9X19 is a NATO standard round). The 9X23 Largo is an old caliber originating in Spain, and no longer used much. The 9X18 Makarov is a Russian round also not very popular. Out of the East Block rounds, you'll probably encounter the 7.62X25 Tokarov more often. There are also a couple of others. I think Winchester or Remington experimented with a 9X23... don't know if they had any success.

Note that the bullets in many of these rounds are slightly different. They vary in weight, shape, and diameter.

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Somethinzfishy here again. Thanks so much for the info...greatly appreciated. I have been donig so much research on Glocks and frankly all those youtube videos are great fun to see how and what people shoot in the way of glocks but as said being as I'm a newb I really did not understand what was meant when there were different varieties of 9mm shown as options. Then when the glock specs stated that the G19 was a 9X19 I was thinking " Ok so we have to purchase rounds that are measured a certain way ?" I am one step one of 166 steps so this all helps alot.
I'm going to get the California Handgun Safety Certificate then after that hopefully a G19 then its off to the range and lessons..
Thanks for the Clarification folks...greatly appreciated !
- Fishy

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"The 9mm" (as in the typical 9mm) is the 9mm Luger. As noted it's known by many names.

9X19mm (diameter and length of cartridge), 9mm Luger (after the inventor of both the round and the pistol) 9mm Auto. 9mm Parabellum (the other common name) or "9 Para".

In Germany for military use it used to be called the Patrone '08 (cartridge used in the P08, the Luger). All the same ammunition.

Various other 9mm cartridges which will NOT ( I REPEAT NOT ) work in a Glock 19:
9X17mm (9mm Kurz, 9mm Browning Short, .380 ACP or Automatic Colt Pistol) which is shorter.

9X18mm Makarov (also shorter just slightly) primarily used in the Makarov Russian service pistol and a few others.

9X23mm Bergmann-Bayard (the old Spanish service round)
9X20mm (I think) Browning Long (you'll highly unlikely EVER find this round)
9X21mm IMI (There are Glock 19s chambered in this round, but only for European usage, for countries where military rounds are not for civilian usage)
9X25mm Dillon (competition round)

Most of those rounds you'll never find except in odd corners of a large gunshop. Typically just make sure it's 9mm Parabellum/Auto/Luger and you're good.

For range use, shoot FMJ (Full metal jacket, like the military uses) it's cheap and does fine. For home defense/personal defense use hollowpoints (JHP, jacketed hollowpoint) like the Federal HST, Hydrashok, Remington Goldensaber, Winchester SXT, etc.

Do not use plain lead (no jacket at all) bullets in a Glock. Since most shops sell FMJ for range use, not a real problem, but just so you know. The rifling in Glocks and plain lead rounds do not agree and will shave some off, eventually building up to where you can overpressure and make your gun go kaboom. Not a problem with any jacketed ammo.

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what caliber exactly does a glock 19 use because I'm confused ?
When people talk about the modern 9mm caliber pistol, they are referring to the pistol caliber & cartridge known as:
9x19mm (9mm or .355" caliber bullet with a case lenght of 19mm)
9mmx19 (as often referred to by the British)
9mm Para
9mm Parabellum
9mm Luger
9mm Luger +P
9mm +P+
9mm NATO (NATO symbol that's often seen on boxes and the cartridge headstamp is a circle with a cross or "x" in it)

Those are the most common terminology that you'll see on boxes of 9mm ammunition.

Is there the option of 9mm but with different lengths or something ?
There have been a plethora of different cartridges that were named "9mm" and there are other cartridges that are currently in use today that have "9mm" in their names, such as:

9mm Kurz/Corto (which is the .380 AUTO/ACP cartridge)
9mm Short (.380AUTO/ACP)
9x17mm (.380AUTO/ACP, which has the same .355" dia. bullet with a 17mm case length)
9mm Makarov/9x18 Mak (USSR designed pistol cartridge with a .363" dia. bullet and 18mm case length)
9x21mm IMI (9mm/.355" dia. bullet with a 21mm case length)
And on and on.

All that you need to know is that NONE of the above cartridges can be chambered and/or safely fired in a pistol that is chambered for the 9x19mm cartridge.

Also for a beginner at a range learning the ins and out of the sport and target shooting what is a good round for a G19?
There are many brands and types of ammunition available on the commercial market right now, including full metal jacket (FMJ) practice ammo and modern self-defense jacketed hollow points (JHP) by Remington, Federal, Winchester, Speer, CCI, Sellier & Bellot, WOLF, Fiocchi, Magtech, etc.

For general practice, you can use any factory loaded 9x19mm ammo you want, but for economy, the FMJ ammo is often the cheapest to get for practice and plinking. Use modern hollow point ammo from the major U.S. manufacturers for self-defense.

The use of reloaded/remanufactured ammo voids your GLOCK's warranty if something happens while using said ammo. RUN, DON'T WALK AWAY from reloaded ammo being sold by people at the local gun shows or at the local range when it comes in little plastic baggies, because you will never know who made the ammo and whether or not they are bonded/insured for product liability.

But again and please excuse the long windedness what exactly does a G19 use - round wise ??
The 9mm GLOCK pistols were designed to shoot any factory loaded 9x19mm ammo, as long as they are jacketed so that the metal of the bullet jacket is in contact with the bore of the barrel. Exposed all-lead bullets are a no-no. Small rings of lead from the exposed bullet can be shaved off and build up and cause excessive chamber pressure that can lead to a catistrophic break down of the pistol (in otherwords, kaBoom! [kB!] ). Thus, GLOCKs can shoot any factory loaded 9x19mm ammo that's produced to standard pressures, +P pressures, +P+ pressures and NATO pressures. Ammo made to +P, +P+ and NATO pressures will usually say so on the box and/or on the headstamp of the cartridge for easy identification of higher than standard pressure ammo.
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