Newbie to 1911s.......have some questions.

Discussion in '1911 Forums' started by Airborne Infantryman, Feb 8, 2010.

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    I recently got my first 1911; a Rock Island Armory Tactical Two-Tone. I love it, but have been reading up on 1911s in general. I've heard you shouldn't drop the slide on an empty chamber, is this true? I haven't done it since I read not too, but I've done it about 10 times since I got the pistol brand new; you reckon anything is messed up? :dunno:

    I've also dry fired it around the same; maybe 10-15 times. Is it ok to dry-fire a 1911 like you can a Glock? I know; two different animals. I'm used to Glocks and other polymer pistols, so this is new territory to me; I will say that I'd like to get a higher end 1911 some day; I like the look and history of the 1911 design. Thanks for any and all help! :wavey:

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    Dropping the slide is not the best thing to do if you have a really nice crisp trigger pull since it could mess up that really nice trigger. The RIA is nice but it goes not have a really nice custom trigger job. So you haven't messed up anything but I wouldn't continue to drop the slide till the cows come home either. Don't worry, your fine.

    Now to dry firing. That you can do till the cows come home and beyond. I have dry fired some of my guns THOUSANDS of times. It will not do any harm other than wear out your firing pin return spring a little sooner. Since when you buy a Wolff recoil 16 pound spring and get a "free" firing pin spring just change firing pin spring out when you change out your recoil spring.
    You should change out your recoil spring with a 16 pounder about every 2,000 rounds. Don't worry they cost 5 whole bucks.

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    :drillsgt: I order you to buy more mags/ammo and go to the range! Carry on! :drillsgt: