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New York City Self Defense Weapon

Discussion in 'GATE Self-Defense Forum' started by JAS104, May 16, 2012.

  1. JAS104

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    Apr 2, 2012
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    My fiance and I are moving to New York City next year so that she can go to law school at NYU. I've done the research on getting a permit for a rifle/shotgun, and here are the parameters...

    No folding/telescopic stock or no stock
    No Pistol Grip that protrudes below the action
    Flash suppressor or threaded barrel to accomodate it
    Barrel shroud
    (There's more, but they make sense- Assault weapons ban stuff- Grenade launchers, etc)

    And there's a whole list of prohibited weapons..
    ALL AK-47s & All AR-15s
    Armalite AR-180
    Australian LIAIA & 223SAC
    Beretta AR-70, BM-59
    Beretta Light 50, 82AL
    Calico M-900, M-100
    Daewoo Max 1 & 2
    DMAX C90, C100, C450
    Dragunov Sniper Rifle
    Encom, MK-1V
    Fabrique FN/FAL, LAR, FNC
    Fal Type 1-2-4
    Famas Maas-223
    Feather AT-9 & AT-22
    Federal Eng. Corp XC 220,450, 900 A.C.
    Franchi Law Spas 12
    Goncz High Tech Carbine
    Heckler & Koch 91, 93, 94
    Israeli – All UZIs
    Iver Johnson PM 30P
    Norinco NMD86 Sniper Rifle
    Polytech Ind. M-14s
    PSG-1 rifles G3, SA
    Ruger Mini 14/5F
    SIG 57 AMT & PE-57, BM-59
    SIG 550, 551 S.P.
    Springfield BM-59, SAR 48&58 &3, M-1A
    Sterling MK-6
    Steyr Daimler Pusch AUG-SA
    Valmet Corp. M-76, 78 SA​
    Weaver Arms Corp. Nighthawk

    So, Mr.Ayoob.... what , if anything. do you suggest? I'd hate to be entirely disarmed.

    Thanks in advance,
  2. Mas Ayoob

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    Nov 6, 2005
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    For an HD gun in a densely populated urban city, in your situation, I'd just go with a good 20" barrel shotgun with locally-legal-length magazine tube. You didn't mention your lady's size or experience, but a 20 gauge with #3 buckshot is something I'd be comfortable with, and we've found it much more amenable to new shooters and smaller-statured shooters than the traditional 12 gauge. We've also found that the short-stocked "youth models" fit shorter people with shorter arms much better than full size, and pose no real problem to larger shooters.