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New, Vickers Tactical Springfield Armory Master Class 1911.

  1. Nice. Seems to have some nice features. REALLY like the medium solid trigger and round hole Commander hammer.

    Not sure about that old Millet-like retro rear sight. Wasn't a fan of it when Millet was in business, haven't changed my opinion since. Seems like a solution in search of a problem.

    At least Springfield didn't have LV's laser signature on the slide. Hate when manufacturers do that.
  2. Yup, I agree with you!
  3. Looks good

  4. Does the mag stick out like that all the time?
    That's a hard no for me, despite the rest of the gun looking very nice. It looks unfinished with that mag showing tho.
  5. The mags stick out all the time. Those are wilson vickers magazines. Supposedly the most reliable 1911 45ACP magazines made to date. They are expensive, but they work. There are different basepads. But, they still hang out the bottom. I have a few of them they are very good. But I too dont like that they stick out the bottom.
    Ive seen a bit on that vickers model. I think its a pretty decent gun for the money. But I also dont care for the rear sight. Its not a true springfield armory shop custom build. But I think its assembled there. Still a great value.
  6. Just use different mags. It's not like it only functions with those mags.
  7. Very nice, thanks ZX14R.
  8. It would look a lot better if it had the Wilson 47DCB mag, black finish with the thin black cast steel base plate. It's an 8 round bag and is almost flush fit.
  9. Those are really good magazines too. Ive got a bunch of those also. They work great.
  10. The 1911, has been my favorite platform for about 30yrs. now. Most of my 1911's are much more expensive than this 'Springfield' offering.

    I do have a 'Springfield TRP' though, and that gun is built like a vault, totally reliable etc.. It is an outstanding gun for the money!

    I haven't bought any guns of late, (temporary lack of interest). This one does peek my curiosity, so I'm thinking I'll give this 'Springfield Vickers' a whirl, when they become available. If it's anywhere close to the 'TRP', which I believe it will be, it should be another very good 1911 from 'Springfield'. We shall see! ;)
  11. At that price point, I doubt it’s a Springfield Custom gun. Should be more like TRP build levels.
  12. Well just use a 7-round flush fitting mag in that case. Not a big deal
  13. I advise anyone that claims to support the 2A to avoid Springfield, but to each their own... Plenty of nice 1911s out there.
  14. Yup, I agree. The video says, assembled in 'Custom Shop', but like you said, "at that price point" it's definitely not top tier 'Custom Shop' work.
  15. That's a pretty nice looking 1911. I'd carry that.
  16. Springfield, back in 2017, I think it was, made an EGREGIOUS error by backing Illinois gun legislation at the time. Do I believe statements made by Dennis Reese about the why? No I don't!

    Springfield has paid a heavy price, for that COLOSSAL error in judgement! Since that time though,
    they have 'talked the talk and walked the walk' (my version), with regards to 2nd Amendment/
    gun rights issues! Their getting a second chance from me, and from what I've read about them, and
    their actions since that time, my feeling is they deserve it. That being said, I also understand people
    feeling the way you do as well.
  17. Yes, I understand your point of view as well. My issue is that what they are really sorry for is getting caught. I think it's all business for them. I hate to take the topic away from actual guns but I can't help it. I'm an absolutist and I hold grudges for life. I forgave Ruger after Bill Ruger died and they signalled their current position. Anyway, back to 1911s!
  18. Understood! ;)
  19. It would be stamped Springfield Custom if it were and it sure wouldn’t sell for $1500.

  20. Tripp Cobra 8 round magazines stick out like that also. It is because they are true 8 round magazines, not 7 round magazines with 8 rounds crammed into them. Maybe you can carry with flush fit magazine in the weapon and have the 8 or 10 round magazines as spares. I have open top magazine pouches (slimline triple) because flaps won't close over the 8 round Cobra mags. On my hand tooled fancy rig that came with flaps on the mag pouch, I use Chip McCormick magazines with concealment (thin) base pads which I bought extra. Next mags I buy will be McCormick RPM 10 round magazines. Those feedlips look like they will hold up even to repeated combat reload with the slide locked back. They have to be tough to withstand the momentum of ten round mags being slammed into the magwell. I am definitely going to give them a try.
  21. I would save my money for a springfield professional... in my opinion.
  22. So should we support S&W who puts a lawyer lock in every revolver these days?
  23. I agree.

    The Springfield Custom guns are outstanding.
  24. I have 4 1911s out of SACS 9mm/45acp, two each. Worth the money IMHO.

    I am sure others have had great success with the Wilson mags, but mine did not hold up to continuous use. Sold them off. In 9mm, Dawson mags have been flawless and hold up very well. For 45 ACP, Chip McCormick and never look back.

    Seems like this VT offering is an almost custom shop something something with a super long name. Surprised its missing some kind of low profile magwell.

    I do not like mags that protrude on a 1911. Especially Springfield's. They need some kind of positive stop on the mag before it hits the ejector. Maybe things have change at SA, but the default ejector is pressed in. An overzealous mag insert can and has dislodged the ejector. I have seen this firsthand. On my guns, SA pinned the ejector.
  25. Yep, that only increases the 'snagginess' effect, plus it just looks weird. Much better for a serious 1911 is the WC DCB mag with the slim/low-profile pad that BW cited.

    'Course, 95% of 1911s like this Vickers are nothing but range toyz anyway, so whether it feeds from a funky mag doesn't really matter. It might see, maybe, a 100-rds max on a lazy Sunday afternoon at the club. :whistling:

    Then it's back to being a Safe Queen. :upeyes:
  26. I don't buy guns with locks, I have bought old S&Ws. Gun locks are less impactful than the Illinois legislation IMHO, but could have lead to a new precedent that antis would use against manufacturers. I would have less issue with it if it wasn't done in cooperation with Clinton. So yeah, I would be happy if we forced S&W to stop putting locks on their guns, no one likes them anyway.
  27. :animlol:

    Maybe the FNG in the 'Custom Shop' puts the grips on, and they say from 'Custom Shop'.
    Lipsey's video says CS, but Springfield's press release doesn't mention CS at all, so there's
    probably very little, if any involvement from them.

    That surprised me as well.

    The ejectors are actually glued in place.
    Apparently this particular model, was specified with pinned ejector.
  28. (Almost), every revolver.
  29. Best I could ever tell, the "Springfield Armory doesn't support the 2nd Amendment" thing was complete bull***t passed around the internet by some ill-informed conspiracy nuts. People objected to a decision by the Illinois Firearms Manufacturers Association on a state dealer-licensing bill and the 2 biggest Illinois firearm manufacturers were Rock River Arms and Springfield Armory, so they got the blame. Both Rock River Arms and Springfield Armory said they opposed the state licensing bill. “Springfield Armory, like Rock River Arms, was not aware of the actions taken by our trade association, IFMA, until after the fact. We take this situation very seriously and are looking into how this very unfortunate lapse in communication occurred.” and “We at Springfield Armory are unequivocally 100 percent against this bill and will continue to work with the NRA and others to ensure that it is defeated.”
  30. I have made another thread about this issue so that people who wish to discuss it can do so without further derailing this thread. I apologize to the OP for starting that. Here is the thread, I reply directly to you in that thread, Bren.


    BACK TO 1911s!
  31. Thanks 'big', no worries! :D
  32. Except for that Springfield and RRA directly funded the anti gun Lobyist
    Get your facts straight
  33. What's the source of your information? You tell me to get my facts straight, but you don't give any facts to support your claim.
  34. I have a Springfield Pro that I got a number of years ago, and not so much because it was a build from the Custom Wing of Springfield, but because the FBI Swat was carrying it and at the time I was carrying a Wilson CQB as a police officer. Wanting to avoid the possible legal argument if used in the line of duty with a Wilson (non department issued gun) figured I was OK if a governmental agency was using it and a lot of other government agencies piggy backed on the FBI. They had put a lot of guns through vigorous testing before opting for the Springfield, so my department was very comfortable with my choice, although no problems from them with the Wilson. Still have it.
  35. I wonder how it shoots next to a TRP which is in that approximate price range and how it stacks up against the FBI HRT Professional one which is >2x the price.
  36. That is a nice looking gun. And yes, I agree with some of ya. Not a fan of the rear sight either.

    It is tempting, though.

    As for Springfield Custom, I had a Custom Shop gun around 2008 or 2009. It was accurate as hell, but they screwed up a few things. I've gone into detail about it before. If anyone wants to know specifics, I can probably cut and paste from my old posts. But, while I would love a Springer Pro, I would never buy a Custom Shop gun without seeing it in person. No blind purchase. I've seen a few other people with complaints about their custom shop too.

    True, no place is perfect, and screw ups come out occasionally. But for that kinda $, it shouldn't happen (mine was $3k back in 2008 - which was a chunk of change)

    Mine was a specific order, so obviously, that was not possible. But, I was really disappointed in what they did. I sent it back once, and they fixed the issues, but created another one.

    I've had two Ed Browns in years past. If I get another 1911, it would probably be a Brown. I had no complaints at all with them.
  37. I can't remember the price, but got a significant discount as a police officer and pretty rapid delivery. And obviously not a custom as such, just the pro model that they were sending to the FBI. Talked to Dave himself in the custom shop, who was very accommodating. Never had any problems. Fortunately never had to use it in a confrontation.
  38. In the hands of an expert shooter I would guess every one of my 1911's would perform really well, and about the same, although there is a massive price range top to bottom. A 1911 is a 1911. They can tighten them up for better groups out to 25 to 50 yards (lose some ability to shoot all kinds and weights of ammo and possibly some dependability), add different sights, fancier grips, more expensive finish, more accurate barrel (maybe), a little more cosmetics in the form of engraving and I don't mean all out $$$ engraving but some finer touches in logo or signature models, mag well mods for faster or easier reloads and a bigger bump on the grip safety. Had an original Property of U.S. Government WW II .45 as a kid, and never had a misfire with 230 grain all ammo. Loose as a goose, horrible sights, but did what it was designed to do. I think I traded a hunting knife for it. I was about 13 or so. You're point is well made.
  39. Nice but those mags are not for me!
  40. That's a very nice gun.