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new trail riding bike...KTM 300

  1. asdffdsa
  2. 300ccs of Austrian sweetness.

  3. That thing might as well be brand stanking new!:banana:
  4. asdffdsa
  5. Balls of steel that thing will climb telephone poles. Clap Clap Clap!!! Great dirter. Good Luck and Ride Safe:thumbsup:
  6. KTM 300s are one of (if not THE) most popular race bike in my series. I've got at least 10 close buddies that race 'em.

    They also work well in the dunes. Power wise, they seem to pull about as good as a CR500 (no BS, I owned a 2001 CR500R).

    My biggest gripes are the euro ergonomics (which differ from the Jap ergos I'm accustomed to) and the slower revving nature of the big-bore engine. These are MINOR gripes.

    Muscles, a good tire combo is a "Maxxis SI front" and a "Maxxis IT rear". DO NOT get a Maxxis IT front, the tread pattern offers poor turning stability and the bigger bikes wash-out the front-end really easily. Then find some 4mm thick ultra heavy duty tubes (only a few brands make em) and set your tire pressure 10 psi... your bike will handle like magic. ;)

    BTW, a local racing org "WeBe" (http://www.weberacing.com/schedule.htm) is hosting a harescramble at Monticello in July... you should enter. My series is co-sanctioning the race and I'll be racing there.

    July 21st and 22nd Monticello, UT Enduro-X on Saturday and Hare Scramble on Sun.
  7. asdffsad
  8. helluva view there muscles.