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New TPR9C Bersa

  1. 9mm 13+1 Barrel: 3.25"
    (Available in .40 S&W and .45 ACP)

  2. I'm all about striker fired pistols but this pistol sparked my interest. Not quite sure why though? Lol
  3. Thanks for posting. I didn’t know about this one. Looks like an exact replica of the Thunder series with minor enhancements. -I currently own the Thunder 45.
  4. Bersa has a decent reputation overall.
  6. This is the Thunder 9 with an "improved" trigger and a few cosmetic changes.
  7. Do want
  8. Man, there are a lot of levers and do-hickey's on that pistol. That's why I like a G26- don't have to worry about "is it on safe?" when you're hurried...
  9. 9mm 17+1
  10. Well! Coming from bac1023, that's quite a compliment (being the connoisseur of handguns, that is....)
  11. Trigger return spring broke on my Thunder 9 after only 300 rounds.
    Well, schikt happens, I don't know what to make of it, I don't hold a grudge and still think it s a well made gun by and large.
    I m just not as excited as I used to be.
  13. Huge controls on them. It would make a great choice for someone who’d like a CZ P01 but doesn’t want to pay CZ’s price for them. I’ve only had two Bersa pistols but both have been very reliable.
  14. As far as a cheaper CZ I’d get a Tristar C100 myself.
  16. Bersa has proven a lot better than some other budget priced firearms
  17. I have a Bersa Thunder 9 Ultra Compact Pro that I got as a throw in on a trade. It goes bang with everything I have every put in it and is fair on accuracy. I actually like it quite a lot. It seems to have a durable finish and has a very easy to rack slide. It is a little thick and it is a little heavy weighing 34 oz. with 14 rounds of 124 on board. I liked it enough to buy a 45 cal model when it showed up for sale locally. Don't like it very much because it is very THICK. It will be trade fodder.