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Tristar (Canik) P120 , Turkish copy of CZ SP01.
While I normally am not interested in "off brand " or low quality firearms at all.....

Even after reading all the good reviews I was still hesitant , as what one person considers a "good" or "accurate" gun does not mean it IS what I or others would.

Not long ago I made a tight barrel bushing and tightened up frame /slide fit for another member here on his S120 Tristar.
After working on S120 and inspecting quality (of said example) I thought it was well worth the price they sell them for.
After test firing I knew I would be getting one!
Granted I was shooting handloads and after modifications but was extremely impressed with accuracy especially with the stock sights and trigger.
Both are not bad at all in today's striker fired world by any stretch of the imagination!

As with most guns, improvements can be made to make a gun more shooter friendly for each individual person.

My order from Cajun Gun Works actually arrived before my P120 did .

The P120 I received has a very good (tight) slide to frame fit . The barrel /bushing fit is rather loose. This could be simple to fix with a tighter bushing from Cajun Gun Works.
My fix for it will be the installation of CZ TS barrels (just ordered) in 40 and 9mm flavor.
I am going to do away with the barrel bushing and thread the TS barrels for cone lock , either a cone bushing or muzzle brake depending on loads being shot at time.

I also added Dawson adj. sights and flat trigger with overtravel and pretravel adjustment.
And some thin alum grips to dress it up a little.

All in all , the Tristar products are well worth the money IMO.
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Hey ES, I have been eyeing that pistol for years in the 9mm variety. It is pretty much next on my list. I would love to dress it up with a straight trigger and different hammer available for it. Nice pistol. Im tempted to go for the 40 but will probably get the 9mm. Glad to hear its working well for you.

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Anyone thinking of getting this gun will be happy with it, for what it cost anyways.

I talked with a guy at a gunstore not long ago.... he was buying a CZ 75 SA.

I asked him if he heard of the Tristars, said he had one and that it shot better than couple of his CZ's.
Also said it would be one of the last he would sell, that says something.

P120, being all steel is a heavy gun.
The 40 cal as in photo above weighs 44.75 oz unloaded or 52.6 oz fully loaded 14+1.

Weight of gun makes 40 feel like 9mm when shooting.
Imagine with 9mm barrel it will hardly recoil at all , especialy with a brake on it.

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I own a CZ75b and two Canik clones of same. The CZ was $175 more. Except for the markings they are plum dead equal in all aspects.
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Now I have the first , to my knowledge ....
Tristar TS .

Got the CZ TS 9mm barrel fitted to P120.
Limited testing is impressive , even with Brass Blazer 124 gr.
This is even with factory bushing still in place.

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I really like the Tristar pistols. I have 2 9mm C100s (my CCW), 1 C100 in .40 and am getting a S120 for my birthday. IMHO, they are an exceptional value.
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