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New to the Board (w/ questions)

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I'll admit I have been lurking the board for awhile to get some information. I also have a membership at TFL and at Hi-Point Forums. I have finally made the decision (actually I made the decision several weeks ago) to get a G17 w/ the Advantage Arms .22 conversion kit. I was also looking into a Springfield 1911 w/ the Kimber conversion but what sold me to get the G17 was the price, hi-cap mags, cheaper ammo costs (including .22LR of course), and GSSF.

I want to be able to get involved in GSSF sometime next year after going to a few events first. My questions are:

1. How easy is it to shoot GSSF? I have never been to any shooting event so that's why I want to attend a few events before actually shooting in one.

2. Can you travel to other GSSF matches if they're not in your area?

3. Is a holster really necessary for GSSF?

Anything else about GSSF that you can throw in would be appreciated. Thanks! :)
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Originally posted by Rhandhali
Out of curiosity what sort of 9mm ammo would be good to bring? WWB, Blazer, Wolf, Brown/Golden/Silver Bear or the like?
Use whatever shoots reliably and accurately in your particular gun.
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