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New to Reloading - primers, powders, bullets, load data..

  1. Hey guys..I'm planing to get into reloading, pistol ammunition generally so I got few questions. I'm planing to reload 9mm for start and then I'll see where it will take me. I plan to get as much information as I can while I get my reloading equipment.

    1. Primers - I bought some 1 1/2 Remington primers (CCI primers are hard to find) cuz I found out that they were the standard small pistol primers, compared to 5 1/2 which are apparently small pistol magnum primers. Now, one guy told me that he's being using 5 1/2 Rem primers for 9mm ammo without any issues. So can I use them (or any other mag primers) if I cant find 1 1/2 Rem or any primers at all?

    2. I got the Lee Reloading manual. Read it all and in the part where they tell what primers to use with Lee reloading equipment there is a list of approved and tested primers. They say no Federal primers AT ALL.
    Supported primers are:

    All sizes CCI
    Winchester small pistol
    Remington small pistol 5 1/2
    Remington large pistol

    So why not the Remington 1 1/2 like I bought? And why not LoneWolf primers?

    3. Bullets

    The Lee manual also doesn't have a load data for copper plated bullets for all sizes. For example there is load data for Bullseye powder(which I plan to use) for 115gr lead and jacketed bullets, but there is no load data for using Bullseye and coper plated bullets - at all. There is load data for some other powders like v-N350, N337, Accur#2 etc.. not as many as for jacketed, but there isn't any for any of the Alliant powders. Why not ?
    When I checked the Alliant powders website the only load data they have online is for JHP bullets only (Speer only)
    One more fellow reloader that uses Berry's copper plated bullets says that he's using same load data as for lead bullets. The Lee website also stated that if there is no load data for a specific bullet weight, one can use the load data for heavier bullet (less powder charge) and you gonna be safe.

    I guess lot of you gonna recommend getting one or two more reloading manuals, but as experienced reloaders what do you think about those issues that I mentioned above? Can someone also share some online load-data resources?
  2. All I can tell you is what I did when all I had were Federal small pistol primers for my Lee hand priming tool. I used 'em several thousand of 'em in fact. I'm not telling you it's ok but I had no mishaps.
  3. magnum primers have always worked for me. But, they do, with some powders, create higher pressures and therefore hotter loads. So, you have to be careful. Some powders don't change in performance at all with magnum primers.

    The Federal Primer issue is due to their being easier to ignite. Accidents are more likely-maybe. You can find a wealth of load data on the web. Just go to the powder company's web sight.
  4. But then again they say this:

    "The new Safety Prime system inserts the primer into the shell while completely isolated from the prime feeder by distance and a lot of steel. Now any brand of primers may be used."

    I guess its a safety measure after all.
  5. 1. I have heard testimony from several persons, I know that use SPP either standard and magnums interchangably along with small rifle too... personally have successfully avoided it.

    2. My LCT that I had never had any problem with any of the primer brands mentioned, niether does my Dillon SDB.

    3. You will be hard pressed to find any actually data for plated bullets, the concensus is to use lead data.
  6. Do not use Mag primers with Clays powder if you have any. That stuff builds high pressures in a hurry especially 124 gr and up when you are using close to the max load. There are better choices.
  7. Yeah..i found that one too, but all they list is load data for Speer JHP only..From the manual that I have same bullet weights for FMJ and JHP means same amount of powder, just a different OAL. Right?
  8. Well every book and website has all different OAL&#8216;s that I noticed and was kind of scary to me. What I did was just stick with a OAL of 1.130 for all RN bullets and 1.120 for all HP and FP bullets. They all cycle great through my G19. The only problem I had at first is starting at start loads which I had FTE problems. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:eek:ffice:eek:ffice" /><o:p></o:p>
  9. By starting loads you mean less powder charge ?
  10. typically, many reloading manuals give a 'start charge', and a 'max charge'....;the former is frequently 10-15% less than the max charge...

    'Start charges' will sometimes not function in some pistols, lacking sufficient momentum/recoil impulse to operate the slide/action....
  11. If you are using copper plated anything....... use lead data. Look at Sierra's website and it will tell you the same thing.
  12. Thank you all for the replies. Keep em' coming :wavey: