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New to me

  1. I got a Smith&wesson 5903 on Gunbroker for $ 480.00
    Made in 1991.
    In very good shape. New old stock
    Put a new service pack of springs from Wolff in it.
    Disconnected the magazine safety because I hate them.
    Put on green/green trijicons on it..
    Now I have a very functional pistol for about six bills.
    For the money, you can’t beat it. The 5903 is an alloy frame so it’s not as big a brick as the all steel 5906 although those can be had in new old stock condition as well.
    It’s an old school piece. But, so am I.
  2. Congratulations! An old stock but new gun from 1991 is awfully neat.

    pardon my ignorance but what caliber and action type is this? I assume semi-auto, but double or single action?
  3. Traditional double action/single action with a decocker.
  4. That sounds along the lines of the Ruger P95 series. Very solid and dependable.
  5. I think the light frame will make it more fun to carry than the all steel 5906.
  6. It's a great gun and I am sure that you will be happy with it, although I prefer the steel frame.
  7. Congrats! :cool:

    I prefer the steel S&W autos, but the aluminum models are solid guns also.
  8. A lot of us like pics of guns!

    just sayin’.
  9. Not near as wide as the Ruger, they are very comfortable to handle and shoot
    The P95 is just chunky in the hand.
  10. I would like to have an all steel 5906 and let the board member who wrote the restore article work his majic. Have you guys looked at what he did? He is a craftsman, a model of patience. Perseverence. Sooo cool.
    The article is on the board under 5906 restoration.
  11. I have a few of these S&W 3rd gen pistols as well, I like em. I would love to pick up a performance center model. I really need to look up info on the PC models.
  12. Congrats on your S&W.

  13. They are getting expensive! Gunbroker has aPC shorty 40 over a grand. And a 1006 buy it now priced at 1900 bucks!!
    Mine is/was a police trade in. It’s in 90% shape. I said earlier it’s new old stock. It’s a used gun but looks new.
  14. Yeah, just have to hold out for a deal. I should have only bought PC all along.