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New (to me) P9 and a question

  1. So I bought a P9 recently used from a pawn shop. It dates back to 2000-2001 manufacture. I noticed when inserting a mag loaded with snap caps the slide hangs because the slide stop lever gets punched out of alignment.

    Upon disassembly, I noticed the slide stop lever comes out pretty easily. There does not appear to be a slide stop screw like I see on the internet of other Kahrs. Is this normal, or is mine missing?

  2. There not only should be a screw & washer there, but that screw should also be securing the slidestop spring. Contact Kahr service.

  3. Congrats

    Hope you got it sorted
  4. I called Kahr. They said it was normal because it is an old design. But I sold it.