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New to Glocks

  1. New from Virginia. Just wanted to say Hi. I purchased a Glock not to long ago after pretty much being a Sig Sauer fan. I’m still a fan of Sig but also a big fan of Glocks now. So much that I now own 5 Glocks. I guess I’ve been converted.
  2. Glocks a good working guns. Which do you own?
  3. Hey welcome to the dark side!! I’ve got glocks and sigs also lol
  4. Currently have the G19x, G19 custom, G21, G17 in OD, P80(Newly released original Glock replica) G30SF, and just got a call from my dealer that they acquired a previously owned never fired G22RTF which he set aside for me until I can get it on Monday. I had to sell some guns to get these but very happy with what I got.
  5. Welcome to GT.

    Unfortunately, your 2nd amendment rights have been attack recently by the liberal politicians now in control of your state.
  6. Welcome and congrats!!!

    I have owned Glocks as far back as 1993 - But, I lost interest for a long time. These new Gen 5 models have brought me back. Great guns!
  7. :welcome:
  8. Virginia is a mess. Hopefully that all changes in the elections.
  9. Hopefully. Elections have consequences.
  10. Welcome aboard!
  11. Welcome to GT
  12. howdy
  13. Welcome!

  14. I'm new to the forum also. I have pricing questions on Glock 19's. Is there an appropriate topic to start a thread that anyone knows of? I tried a few search terms and didn't find anything. My question relates to what a factory-new 19 gen 3 is getting. I just bought my first. I was in a hurry and spent $650, which some have told me is way high, but my local shop has literally zero Glock 19's, so I thought it was a good price. My question really relates to getting another one. For this one, I want to do some homework. I see auction prices on gunbroker.com starting below $500
  15. Just paid $600.
  16. Hello and Welcome. I bought another NEW G3 19 about 2 months ago for $450 shipped and FFL.
  17. Once you go HK, you never come back.
  18. I have a G19.4 and a Sig P365. Wife has a G42 -- we love our guns. Welcome
  19. Welcome to GT from southern Illinois.
  20. Enjoy GT:welcome: