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New to Glock and need help...

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I don't know where to begin...

Less than two weeks ago I decided my 1911 was too much of a pain to CC. I wanted something better suited for CC. I love the .45 ACP so the G36 was a great choice (and my first Glock). Less than a week ago I decided I needed a gun for the trail to thwart off four-legged threats...hence the acquisition of the G29 (my second Glock).

These are increasingly challeging times so I want my wife able to mitigate threats; I now plan to pick up a G26 for her. Three has always been an odd number to me so I decided I needed a "backup" gun, so I plan to grab a G27 for me at the same time I grab the G26.

After today that'll be four Glocks in less than two weeks. Will it ever end...?

I love 1911's, but the ease of operation and care required of Glocks is just too good to pass up. I wonder what took me so long to figure this out...?
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Congrats on all of your new family members and welcome to Glock Talk. You have made some excellent choices on great guns. You just need to get your self a G32 so you will have every caliber and frame size with the exception of a LS.
Welcome first of all. Sounds like you have everything under control, so carry on.

The selections for your carry can't be argued with. The 27 and 26 are both very good shooters. From my experience, there is not much recoil difference between the 2. From a ammo management stand point, get a 27 for each of you or a 26 for each of you.

Congrats, enjoy and be safe.:wavey:

PS Don't you dare get rid of that 1911, every gun owner should have one.
There's a place in the world for both. I will never get rid of my 1911s.......or my Glocks.
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