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New Supressors Shot show

Discussion in 'US Military Services' started by windplex, Feb 17, 2006.

  1. windplex


    Aug 2, 2005
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    Shot Show new products

    Knight's Supressors has a new supressor for the 7.62 sniper rifle. It covers the entire exposed barrel, of about 12 inches, and apparently you only hear the internal rifle mechanisms clickings, and internal part's movements, and not the shot. It is currently for the 20" barrel.

    SUREFIRE showed a rectilinear supressor for, I blelieve, 45 caliber pistols. Obviously the concept could be extended to 40 caliber, and other rounds, to reduce the sound level emmitted, and the width of the weapon system is matched to the pistol.

    Imagine looking at the front of the barrel / hand gun; you see that the barrel is in the top half of the slide and frame area. SUREFIRE, smartly, extended the supressor downward to match the weapons frontal profile to get more volume to slow the gasses and match the weapon's profile, which as you know the round cans do not. You might not believe this, but I had this on the drawing board prior to the show and am glad I saw it so I will not waste time working on the concept.

    For Special Ops/SWAT teams, there was a Ford 15 passenger style van set up for Special Ops/SWAT teams. It had a raisable and lowerable ramp nearly the width of the van(not stairs) so that the Special Ops/SWAT teams could walk/hustle up the ramp and enter a plane or second story without cumbersome ladders. Sorry I do not have contact info. Of course the van had other SWAT-dedicated features beyond the ramp, I jound the ramp to be novel -- at least to me. Withthe ramp, it appeared that SWAT could deploy two-by-two (side-by-side) up the ramp for signifaccantly faster deployment into the battle ground (sorry, while I deeply admire you folks and what you do for us!, I do not know your lingo).

    Please, Stay alert and safe! Thank you for keeping us safe!!!