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New Smith model 60 Pro Series.

  1. Hey guys. Picked up this little sweetie yesterday. Smith and Wesson model 60 Pro Series. 357 magnum. Interesting little revolver. Has the slab sided barrel, and a night sight inserted in the front ramp. Pretty cool. It's a model 60-15 I believe. 20200917_215128.jpg 20200917_214744~2.jpg 20200917_215103.jpg
  2. Very nice!
  3. Nice, I'd love one.
  4. Congrats! That revolver has tempted me many times! Last time around I went with a 640 Pro Series instead.

    How do you like the grip on it?
  5. I retain a fondness for all revolvers...wouldn't it be nice if Smith took a page from Glock's playbook and introduced some retro models w/o the safety hole?... like an original 36 with a flat latch and diamond grips?...I bet they would sell very well
  6. Very nice little revolver. Congratulations.
  7. I have one similar don't think it's a PRO Series. Wife carries it loaded with shot on the tractor for snakes and critters. Very nice revolver.
  8. I have a 686 SSR Pro Series. Love it, very accurate revolver, that looks like a good shooter as well. Enjoy it!
  9. A small frame 357 with a 3 inch barrel. Shoot hot 38+P or mild 357 loads. Great all around gun. Can be carried, put in the car, or as a gun you just throw in the suitcase when you go on a trip. For the right price, I'd buy one in a heartbeat. Can I ask how much you paid?
  10. I'll trade you primers for it???? Very nice pick up..........
  11. I picked up one of those not long ago I think it’s Nice little kit gun For fishing and such

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  12. Congrats. Lots to like...
  13. Sweet.
  14. The grips feel great.

  15. Well I traded a 642 performance center for it straight trade.
  16. Very nice smith. Congrats.
  17. Congrats on your S & W.

  18. Congrats on getting the 60 Pro! :cheers:

    The only change I've made to mine is to add a CT-305 laser... :)

    60 Pro CT 305grip reverse adj rsz.jpg
  19. Congrats. I agree that a small-frame 5-shot 3" .357MAG is a handy belt gun for many situations. The better sights and front NS are a perk. Handy and light on the belt, but gives you the option of using mild .38SPL up to robust .357MAG. Nice.
  20. I have one. It needs to go back to Smith for repair because the barrel is slowly rotating in the frame. It's only got about 25 shots through it. One of my 69's did the exact same thing.

    My last 5 S&W purchases have not gone well at all.

    #1. 1980 Model 629 (no dash) - Cylinder backing up after 3 shots fired.
    #2 . 1981 Model 629 (no dash) - Cylinder backing up after 3 shots fired.
    #3. 2019 Model 69 - Shot 3" high with sight bottomed out, trigger failed to reset, barrel rotating in the frame. S&W fixed all issues.
    #4 2020 Model 69 - Shoots 3" high with sight bottomed out. Difficult to cock on two cylinders. Headed back to S&W.
    #5 2020 Model 60 Pro - barrel rotating in the frame. Headed back to S&W shortly.

    So in the last 40 years, S&W has a 100% failure rate from my standpoint.

  21. Nice!

    I just picked up a new Performance Center 442-1 CT. I have yet to fire the dang thing. Probably wouldn’t hesitate to do that trade either ! IMG_3413.JPG