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    Jefferson County Sportsmen Club News Letter

    January 2007

    This past year we have accomplished several improvements to the club grounds, the road to the pistol range was graveled. We added a new trap and building to house it on the right side of the trap range and a new concrete field, made room to cross the spillway with the big tractor, added gravel to the sharp curve to the black powder range and graded the road to the black powder range in several spots. The black powder range has all new benches, there is a new Acoustic ceiling in the pistol range. This was all done through hard work and donations from members, a 4H group and several companies donating materials and all the work was done by members. Would like to say how much we appreciate all the work and dedication put forth by these members, They deserve a big hand.

    Projects for 2007 include clearing brush from the back side of the dam, repairing the bridge to the Archery range, a new shelter on the Archery range and several other improvements as materials become available.

    As weather improves this spring we will have a work party several days to help clean up and repair around the grounds and buildings of the club. If you have skills or materials to donate at that time please let a club officer know. This is our club and as President I am proud to be a part of JCSC and let everyone know and hope you will also.

    I represent JCSC at LKS meetings, the Strader Show, Bass Pro Shop functions and many other meetings throughout the year and am glad to do so. As President I am asking all members to become more involved with the club, we need more board of directors to sit in on our meetings once a month, we need help with committee chair persons and club members to help with some of the work that needs to be done around the club, remember this is your club and what happens to it is a direct result of what you want to happen.

    I would like to thank those who went that extra mile to give their time, raise money, donations, advice, friendship and just plain help with getting things done. Thanks again for all you do.

    I am working on a new schedule with events for 2007 and will get this out ASAP. If you have suggestions pass them along. JCSC has a new Web site

    If you have a problem or suggestion please let me know, if I am not aware of the problem, How can I fix it? E mail I am looking forward to working with you in 2007 and maybe a visit at the club board of directors meetings, We meet the 3rd Monday of each month at 7:30pm and your all invited.

    Lets make 2007 a great year for JCSC

    Hunter Education is Working

    Ed Mouser

    We need a new Treasurer, Laura will be leaving the position in February please give this matter your attention. Laura has done a wonderful job and will be greatly missed.