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New sig P238 range report

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by Bald Baron, Feb 19, 2013.

  1. Bald Baron

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    Jan 5, 2012
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    Elkader, Iowa
    Sig P238 zombie purchased yesterday.

    Cleaned and lubed the gun and replaced the slick aluminum grips with a Hogue soft rubber grip. I used 1-7 rd magazine with pinky extension and 3-6 rd flush magazines.

    Trigger pull measured 8.5 lbs out of the box and 6.5 lbs after the day at the range.

    50 rds of 95 grn American Eagle FMJ, no malfunctions.
    100 rds of 95 grn WWB flat nose FMJ, 6 FTFeed due to nose dive on first round in fresh magazine.
    50 rds of 94 grn PPU FMJ, 1 FTExtract don't know why.
    100 rds of 92 grn S & B FMJ, no malfunctions.
    20 rds of 95 grn PDX1 JHP, 1 FTFeed due to nose dive on first round of fresh magazine. This ammo has a wide opening.
    20 rds of 90 grn Gold Dot JHP, no malfunctions. This ammo also has a wide opening.
    25 rds of 90 grn Hornady TAP JHP, no malfunctions, this ammo has a more tapered cone.
    50 rds of 90 grn Hornady Zombie max, 1st rnd the slide didn't fully go into battery the rest shot fine.

    I was pleased and surprised with the guns accuracy and low recoil(was hitting 2-3 in targets at 20 ft), all the magazine changes let me practice disengaging the safety when drawing, except for it being 14 degrees and a little windy it was a fun day at the range. :wavey:
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  2. Wetrudgeon


    Feb 10, 2001
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    Beyond the beyond
    Good info. Thanks.

    Our P238 has yet to malfunction, but we have only run hardball through it so far. Accurate little pistol.

    We trudge on.