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New Sig 365

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Well, Sig has released a new 365 that appears similar to the Glock 43, but holds 10+1 as standard capacity. You can see it on the Sig website, and it appears to be an interesting new pistol. As with most things Sig these days, time will tell, of course. . .
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Yeah. I have no love for Sig after having a lot of major issues with two of their recent guns.

No thanks.
I'm still very happy with my Sig P938 at 6K+ rounds, but from what I see on SigTalk, the P938 still seems to have continuing issues. I know they redesigned the Main Spring Housing/Sear Spring (I still have the old style), but still other reliability reports by unhappy owners that would agree with you.

Like kyjd75 said, time will tell.

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