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After shooting skeet for so many years, I moved to an area where skeet shooting isn't as easy to do. Imagine that, easier to shoot skeet in L.A. than rural northern California. Anyway, I sold my all gauge O/U skeet set years ago and just kept my semiauto 12 gauges for upland bird shooting.

Going through Garagezilla and organizing my shooting stuff, I came across cases of 20 gauge and 410 bore skeet loads. I have a 20 gauge Winchester O/U, but I don't have a 410.

Rather than do the sensible thing and sell the 410 shells, I bought a Browning BPS pump in 410 with interchangeable chokes. Trying it out next pheasant season. Will have to buy steel shells hunting though but lots of rounds to practice.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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