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New S&W Gun Decision

  1. i has been considering a trade in S&W 64 and sought some advise. And while I value the input I received, something else came up.

    Some encouraged getting a 65 as it would allow the 357 option. I kind of followed that advice.

    A deal too good to pass up came up for this 80’s model 66. I was looking at 4” guns, but this deal was too good to pass.

  2. Great choice! I’d love to add one to my collection.
  3. Very very nice, I think the larger frame S&Ws look slick with grip adapters.
  4. You did good. That thing's sexy as hell!
  5. Thanks. Those grips were borrowed from my Model 10 until I get some replacements and another BK adapter
  6. You'll never be sorry you got it. Have fun!
  7. Very sexy S&W. Great purchase!
  8. Nice!
  9. Nothing wrong with a snubbie 66.

  10. Yeah I'd hit on it!
  11. Very nice

    Congrats! :cool:
  12. Love model 19s and 66s! Not the strongest revolver in the arsenal, but a good smith can really smooth the action!
  13. Beautiful gun. And I love the service grips and the T-grip adaptor. Since you say you borrowed those grip panels from a model 10, a good replacement would be Altamont S&W K Round Classic Panel Bonded Ivory with Silver Medallions.

    Go to the link an scroll down to the "Classic Panel" and look at the non-checkerd bonded Ivory. Ivory grips really look good on a stainless gun.


  14. I have a 66-1, recessed, pinned barrel. Probably my favorite handgun.
  15. Thanks for the tip. I like the looks of the ivory, but prefer some checkering. I also ordered some Altamont Magnas for a J Frame a few years ago and the fitting was atrocious.

    I’ve got a set of factory Magnas coming in (used set) and a BK adapter ordered so my model 10 won’t be naked anymore. I threw on my Pachmayr compacs onto the 66 after getting it cleaned up and fondled with the service grips.
  16. Great find!
  17. A beaut......
  18. I was told Altamont grips are birch not hardwood? I've always bought Eagle grips. Very happy with them.
  19. I'm with everyone else......great choice on that. Congratulations.
  20. Beautiful 66!!!

    I picked up a mdl 66 (never looked to see what dash!) from the Deputy Chief State Fire Marshal, a BUNCH of years ago.

    It's a thing of beauty. Fired less than 100 rounds through it, total.
  21. Beautiful. I have always liked those. Congrats!
  22. I think I've reached the point where I am going back to concentrating on revolvers. Semi autos are all just different shades of black. SA, SA/DA, Glocks, etc., All models in each of the variants seem to be just about the same except for maybe the quality differences between some of the manufacturers.

    Revolvers on the other hand seem have soul, especially the older ones, and to me no two revolvers ever seem the same. Even the same models from the same manufacturer, I can feel the difference even though both can be good.
  23. Not a thing wrong with that one. Congratulations.
  24. Great choice!!!!!! :)

  25. Good choice. I'd certainly choose that 66 for any self-defense use or IDPA competition. 4" is way too big if it's ever a carry gun.
  26. The cast of "Smokey and the Bandit" just called. They want their guns back.
  27. Still have my first uniform back up gun a 66 2 1/2 like the one you showed wore it in an ankle holster hardly carry it anymore but it still shoots smooth and straight , great choice .

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  28. You must have large ankles. An Airweight J-frame would have been better suited for ankle carry.
  29. They call him K-ankles