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New rifle came home today

  1. 7.5x54 French MAS 36...



    Excellent bore, and has a leather sling (attached to the left side, can't see it in these pics). I got some stripper clips on ebay. No ammo yet, range report will have to wait. I'm ordering some Prvi Partisan this week.
  2. That is one helluva gorgeous weapon. Congrats!
  3. great rifle, and great condition ! looking forward to the range report!
  4. Never seen one of those. Good looking rifle, strange bolt handle direction.

    Also this is a surplus rifle correct?
  5. Nice rifle Smashy. :wavey:
  6. Very nice!
  7. french?
  8. their rifles are always in the best condition, only dropped once ;)
  9. Looks nice.


  10. :rofl::rofl:

    ok all joking aside thats one strange looking rifle. Whats the history on that 7.5x54 French MAS 36? It looks like its brand new and if used do you know what campaign was it used in?
  11. Congrats , it looks in great shape.
  12. Congrats :)
    Its in great shape, did you find that one unused?
  13. so that sticker-thingy that goes up in the front is where the white flag is hung? but seriously, that's a pretty rifle- good find!
  14. Thanks, guys. I'll get some more details and pics posted later today.
  15. Okay, I got some more detailed photos.

    The rifle was adopted in 1936 to replace the Lebel and Berthier rifles. It was used in WWII, southeast Asia, Algeria, and Suez. There were also two sniper versions, the FRF1 and FRF2. It's a 7.5x54, rimless bottleneck.


    According to what I've found online, ballistics are about the same as a .308. The twist is 1 in 10.63" and it uses .308" bullets. Prvi Partizan makes two loads for it, a 139 gr. FMJ and a 190 gr. FMJ (brass case, Boxer primed). The lighter load was the issue load for this rifle. P.C.I. also makes a 150 gr. SP.

    Some more info...


    Mine fits the description of an arsenal refinish. It looks pretty new and the muzzle is counterbored.

    It has a little cosmoline, but not much. Stripper clips aren't easy to find, but I found one person on ebay selling eight of them, so I grabbed them. I like the peep sights, although the lowest setting is 200 meters. More pics...




    Here are two views through the peep under different lighting conditions (cosmoline not cleaned off yet)...

  16. [​IMG]

    The bayonet is stored in a tube under the barrel, locked in place with a spring loaded button. To use it, you pull it out, turn it around, and lock it back in place...



    The muzzle...


  17. [​IMG]

    Two thumb cut-outs in the sides of the ejection/loading port to facilitate use of stripper clips...



  18. Looks like it was only dropped once! :rofl:
  19. The last general issued bolt action rifle designed for a military. Nice looking example.
  20. I like it!! Good find!
  21. really clean congrats
  22. I don't suppose anyone speaks French? I don't know what the D and M mean on the rear bolt cap.
  23. That is really cool! Looks like a bolt-action Garand. I like it!
  24. the barrels are really nice on the french guns. they are not shy about putting in some deep rifling. i shoot a 49/56. it really is a great round. looks like a 308 but shoots like a 300 savage. used to shoot the rams at 500 fairly regularly at the whittington center in new mexico years back with the rifle. be careful with the corrosive ammo. syrian ammo is probably the most corrosive ammo ever made. i would swab before leaving the range if that is what you are shooting. the privi seems fine and non corrosive. don't have a 36 yet. tell us how well it shoots. good find.
  25. Dropped only one time ............ and never fired!!!!!!!

  26. Three times in one thread. You guys are dropping it more than the French did.
  27. I really dig the bolt design. Does it help in working the action?

  28. I'm not really sure. One reason is probably just that I'm not experienced enough with the design yet to be comfortable with it.

    Another reason is that it feels like it's new, so there's no smoothness to it yet. I'm not sure if this rifle was ever issued. I don't see any signs of abuse on it, and the action feels like it still needs to 'wear in' and get smoother over time. The bore looks brand spankin' new.

    After I've had some time with it and it's gotten smoother, I'll be able to say whether the bolt design is faster. For now, it just feels like a new rifle.

    The short length of pull makes it pretty handy overall, but it prevents cycling the action with the gun shouldered and your cheek still on the stock (fast/tactical shooting), or the bolt will bash you in the nose. But it will be easy enough to increase the length of pull. I'll probably put a Pachmyer pad on it; that'll give it an extra inch.
  29. An extra inch?? Is that all you need? :whistling:

    Seriously that is definitely a unique rifle. Thanks for the follow-up.