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New Puppy

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About 3 weeks ago, I started a thread saying that my family was putting our dog Dusty down. Well, yesterday, we took the puppy plunge. We got a brown and white shih tsu puppy. He is 9 weeks old and weighs about 5 lbs. When fully grown, he will weight about 10 lbs. His named is Mugsy. Once I get some pics taken, I will post em. He is the cutest thing!
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Awww....:) Glad you got a new pup. It really does help with the pain of losing an old friend without diminishing the memory. Looking forward to seeing the pics.

I just got a new pup for my German Shepherd to hang out with. He's 4 months now and lemme tell ya, it makes a BIG difference having an older dog around to keep the young pup in line! :supergrin:
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