New Proposed Calif. Legislation

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    New legislation information from NRA-ILA email.

    Update on Pending Legislation in California!
    Please Contact Your State Legislators Today!

    Several pieces of legislation that will impact our Right to Keep and Bear Arms in California are due to be heard in the Assembly Public Safety Committee any day.

    Assembly Bill 1471, sponsored by Assembly Member Mike Feuer (D-42), would require that after a certain date, the make, model, and serial number be microstamped onto the interior surface or internal working parts of all handguns in such a manner that those identifiers are imprinted onto the cartridge case upon firing. Per AB1471, handguns that do not include their identifying information would be defined as “unsafe,” and their manufacture, sale, and transfer would be a crime.

    In addition, the Assembly Public Safety Committee will also consider several pro-gun bills as well:

    Assembly Bill 1105, sponsored by Assembly Member Martin Garrick (R-74), would require the Department of Justice to complete a study identifying what actions would be required to reduce the waiting period for firearms transfers in California.

    Assembly Bill 1218, introduced by Assembly Member Michael Duvall (R-72), would allow licensed firearms dealers to sell used handguns that are no longer produced by the manufacturer and available for testing and evaluation by the California Department of Justice.

    Assembly Bill 1357, sponsored by Assembly Member Nicole Parra (D-30), would restore the exemption for the use of a Hunter Safety Certificate instead of a Handgun Safety Certificate when transferring the possession of handguns.

    Assembly Bill 854, authored by Assembly Member Rick Keene (R-3), would repeal a California law that restricts the publication of information about firearms that are not permissible for sale in California.

    In the Assembly Appropriations Committee, Assembly Bill 362, sponsored by Assembly Member Kevin de Leon (D-45) is due to be heard any day. AB362 would require identification be presented for all mail order and face-to-face ammunition sales. Sellers of ammunition would be forced to keep detailed and accurate sales records. No retail seller of ammunition would be able to sell, offer for sale, or display for sale, any ammunition in a manner that allows that ammunition to be accessible to a purchaser without the assistance of the retailer or authorized employee. Federal laws requiring ammunition purchasers to present I.D. was repealed by the Firearms Owners Protection Act of 1986 because they were found to be ineffective in reducing crime.