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New products from Tucker Holsters

Discussion in 'Sponsor Showcase' started by TuckerHolsters, Nov 3, 2011.

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    Sep 9, 2011
    Tucker Holsters are known around the country and around the world as a producer of fine gun leather. We introduced the first hybrid holster, “The Answer”, to the market. That marked the beginnings of our Kydex line. Today were are announcing two new Kydex holsters to out product line:


    First off we have our newKydex Paddle Holster, which retails for $55. As with all of our kydex holsters, you can choose to add an optional leather lining for an additional $30.

    Some of the features of the
    Kydex Paddle Holster are:
    • Available in a vertical or forward cant (vertical cant shown)
    • Adjustable tension
    • Slips on and off easily, yet retains its position when worn.
    • IDPA legal

    Secondly we have a kydex version of our classicIWB Cover Up Plus.This holster retails for $50 and can have the optional leather lining for an additional $25.
    TheKydex Cover Up features the following:
    • Adjustable tension
    • Adjustable ride-height
    • Adjustable cant
    • Stays open for easier reholstering compared to it's leather counterpart.

    We're constantly brainstorming other new ideas, so keep checkingTucker Holsters for all of our quality gun-gear related items

    Also we are offering a 15% discount off retail pricing for all our products until the end of November. Just enter the coupon code: GlockTalk-11.

    For more information or ordering details, please contact: