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New poster from "head of the holler"

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Just registered. Never (yet) owned a Glock but been tempted to buy one. I'm a CC and not sure what would be best. My prefs are 9 or .40 cal. Main reason I'm drawn to Glock is their reliability. Don't need a click. Need boom, every time. I only have one life to give my family. Can't wait to hear from the Glockmeisters. Tell this old ridgerunner what's what.
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Welcome my hillbilly. You can't go wrong with a Glock 19.
Welcome from Alabama.
Welcome to GT.
Enjoy GT...............:welcome:
:welcome: from Columbus, Ga. :dancingbanana:
Welcome to the forums
:wavey: A hearty Keystone State welcome to you! :wavey:
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