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New PM9 disassembly difficult.

  1. Picked up my new PM9. The action is very stiff and I had a hell of a time getting the slide off. I pulled the slide release out and the slide didn't want to come off or go back on. I had to manhandle it a bit. I have a CW9 and MK9 and never had a tough time getting them apart. Is this a sigh of things to come?
  2. I used to have mine try to 'bind' just a tad after I had slide it forward almost 1/2 an inch or so. Hold the slide in your left hand and actuate the trigger (pull it rearward :) ) as you hold a small amount of pressure toward the front of the gun with the slide, it'll pull forward the rest of the way.

    After the break-in (actually about the 3rd time I tried) it began to pull off with out the trigger pull...

    Let us know how it does after you get it shot in...
  3. Yeah I wasn't holding the trigger down the entire time I was pulling it off. I was trying to do it like a glock.

    Shot it today for the first time. 400 rounds with zero malfunctions.
  4. Doesn't it warm the heart to hear that about a new PM9? :thumbsup: Congrats on the new purchase.

  5. Your hand has to be killing you now. :supergrin:
  6. TMann - it doesn't