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New P365

  1. Just received my P365 "Born on" 07/30/2020 pistol. All sights are very bright, the front sight had a partial thin film covering it which brushed right off. I had ordered a Flat Trigger for it and installed it right away, man I really prefer these flat triggers like on my P320 X Compact. When the Manual Safety conversion kits come back in stock, I will install that too. I carry AIWB and being able to use the safety if I want to is a plus. Also, all my Hellcat holsters fit it!


  2. Congratulations .
  3. Congrats! I love mine, and hopefully yours serves you very well! Enjoy! Great little gun!
  4. they make great pocket pistols with the flush 10 round mag and a Vedder pocket locker holster

  5. G26 - you answered my question that has yet to be asked on this forum, regarding pocket carry. That looks like a tight little package. I'm wondering if it could replace my LCPII in the pocket.
  6. Enjoy! They are awesome little pistols. I just acquired an XL to go with my regular one.

    Looks good, but your dollar is backwards and upside down. Is that a sign of distress, like an upside down flag? Should we send help immediately?

    That's going to depend on your size and wardrobe. Bigger guys, loose pants, or cargo shorts should be fine, but for skinny guys like me who often wear dress pants or Dockers, it's a no go. It fits in my pocket, but it prints quite a bit and isn't coming out smoothly. It's a totally different size than my pocketable BG380. I would image the same is true of the LCPII. Again, YMMV.
  7. Just curious, have you tried any other pocket holsters besides the Vedder with your p365?
  8. Can’t you order the P365 with a manual safety?
  9. Congrats on the p365.

    I added a (left side only) safety to it and pocket carry in a desantis nemesis.

    If you can pocket carry a jframe, you can pocket carry a p365. The LCP is in another league though, not even close.
  10. I think so, wouldn't want a safety on my P365
  11. Congrats on the new gun!
  12. Where did you get the left side only safety and module? I do not want a Ambi model as I am right handed.
  13. https://www.glocktalk.com/threads/p365-manual-safety-install-left-side-only.1796612/

    Osage county guns seems to have safety parts in and out of stock - check there often and be prepared to buy when they are in stock. AB Prototype is another source of parts.

    You need three parts: the lever, spring and detent. Osage sells them as a kit: https://osagecountyguns.com/sig-sauer-kit-365-safety-conv-nogrip.html
  14. It's small, but 10 rounds are heavy in the pocket.
  15. Congrats on your new Sig
  16. Congrats
  17. Agreed. While I love my 365, and it is an awesome combination of small and 9mm capacity, it isn't a P3AT or LCP. I can carry a P3AT in a pocket, but unless I am wearing cargo pants or if we count a jacket pocket as a pocket, the 365 is still a bit larger than my pockets accommodate. Some can make it work, but not me.

    As for the Distress Dollar (flown upside down), I do think you should send a either a rescue ship or twenty dollar bill to lend aid! Funny observation, but it is odd to see a dollar like that! The Bounty paper towel does add nice texture, the bill is nice and crisp, and it is a good photo of the gun and holster!
  18. I pocket carry my 365 in a Mika holster and really like it!
  19. Nice pick up during these times. I had one myself and liked it but never carried it for whatever reason. The gun shot point of aim and I was really accurate with it.
    I’m a big guy and could easily pull off pocket carrying it but two issues I had with the design as the back of the magazine base plate would poke into the palm of my hand during firing, both 10 round mags did this, the 12 rounder was fine but wouldn’t really fit in the pocket. My preferred carry position. The other issue I had were with the mags again, as they are a ***** to load. Over the course of a year I owned it and shot it they never loosened up.
    Two small issues otherwise a great pistol. I sold it and kept my g43 and LCP as they both work for my needs.
    Enjoy yours.
  20. when I first got it, I had a remora sticky holster for pocket carry, but it gave me the heebie jeebies since it has no retention and I was worried the trigger guard would be exposed in some situations.

    the Vedder pocket locker is miles nicer to carry and draw. It's so much thinner. I know Alabama holster makes a similar product as well.
  21. when I need to pocket carry this is the pistol I carry. Works well with dockers, shorts, and jeans. is it a quicker draw than belt carry? no. But in my situation there are just some instances where I cannot belt carry and need better concealment.
  22. The Vedder Pocket Locker is better than the Alabama Pocket Holster IMHO.
  23. Congrats on your 365! I think that I'm going to rent one to see if will replace my 43.
  24. Thanks, I had a G43 and with a Handall Jr. grip it was pleasant to shoot. I shot it well, but when I got my Hellcat I sold it to a local Police Officer and gave him a "Blue Lives Matter" deal. :flag:

    The Hellcat handles and shoots very well, a little snappy, but no where near as much as my G43. I just got my P365 so I haven't had time to shoot it to compare to the Hellcat.
  25. If you’re going to cut the slot on the grip yourself, check out the sigtalk thread linked in my thread. You’ll find the measurements for the cutout.

    Good luck with the project.
  26. I’d be curious to know your opinion. I found in my hands the 365 is more accurate and maybe less felt recoil? Definitely less muzzle flip on the Sig.
  27. That is how I feel, as well. The Hellcat is a great gun, and if I didn't have the 365 to compare it to, I would have been thrilled with it. But I do have a slight preference for the 365 for the reasons you state. The Hellcat's +1 on ammo is nice, but is a bit offset by a slight increase in size. Interested to learn SIG Fever's thoughts.
  28. Exactly, if I didn’t have the 365 and XL without a doubt I’d be carrying a hellcat. I bought the XL more because I wanted an optic ready carry pistol to mess around with. Sometimes I stare at it and wonder why I did that because the 365 is still my EDC lol.
  29. Well, I haven't even shot my new xl yet, so take what follows for what it's worth. Assuming the plug-and-play aspect of the two pistols works without problems, I plan to put the xl slide on the regular frame for carry. That will give me a long-barrel, optics option P365. I prefer the short grip for carry, but will gladly take the other gains that the xl offers.
  30. YES
  31. BTW -

    Midway has P365 mags in stock


    10 and 12 round $42.99 (regular price $49.99)
    15 round $49.99

    Plus a free shipping promo if you spend $49.

    If there is a better deal on P365 mags please let me know -

    I am having a hard time deciding if I want the 12 round mag - I like the feel of the 10 round without the finger extension better.
  32. I like the XL module with the 12 round mags, the 15 round spare seems to print more. So I run 12+1 and 12 spare.
  33. Very nice. I went with the Hellcat personally, but I think the 365 is a much better looking pistol. Hope it serves you well.
  34. I bought the Hellcat first, I really like it and go back and forth between the two. I carry the P365 more, for now. They both share the same holsters.
  35. i want the p365 for AIWB also and 12 rd mag for back up.Would like to have a manual safety.
  36. I carry with the flush mag and a 15 round back up. Appendix with the vedder light tuck. I bought this with the manual safety since it doesn’t have a trigger dingus.
  37. how so?
  38. Bass Pro cheaper on the 12 rounds
    Scheels cheaper on the 15 rounds from a quick search.

    All within a few bucks so doesn’t really make a difference.
  39. I have the Vedder Lighttuck and a JM Custom Kydex that I use AIWB. The JMCK is a little longer so it stays flatter to your belly when you sit down.
  40. The 12 rounder that came with each of my two 365's are all I need. I have two 15-rounders "just because", but the only magazine I carry is the flush 10-round magazine. I like my small carry guns to be small. I also am happy with the pinky dangling under the magazine. Some hate that, but I find the grip to be firm and comfortable.

    I do wish SIG mags were less expensive (like Glock), but it is a quirk I have lived to deal with (similar to H&K mag costs). Just like Glock's need better sights, and result in an added $50-$100 per gun vs SIG, the mags for the SIG add $50-$100 compared to the cost of a Glock.

    In the end, it is similar enough, and it gives me something to grumble about!
  41. Or not even firing - just handling. I was surprised by the offensively sharp edges on the mag and grip. Why SIG designed such edges is mystifying. Very uncomfortable. Judicious sanding knocked those edges down and it's now more friendly.
  42. The Alabama Pocket Holsters that I've had were a little on the "flimsy" side vs the Vedder Pocket Lockers I have. Plus the Vedder Pocket Locker is closed at the end which I like because you don't get lint in your barrel. After I got my first Pocket Locker I was done with Alabama. Also, the shipping is faster from Vedder.

  43. I have only had mine 6 weeks - but it came with 2 ten round mags - I have not seen any for sale with 12 round mags instead of 10.

    I agree with you on the pinky under the mag - it is how my PM9 & M&P9c both are and I am so use to it that I think going to a 12 round mag would take some getting use to / feel strange.

    I have tried to find just a base plate for the 10 round mag - so I could swap out the pinky extension -

    Maybe I will find someone that like the pinky extension better and I can swap the base plates!

    I also saw a comment (not GT can't recall) where a guy just used a dremel to remove the extra section on the base plate of the pinky extension mag and turn it into a flat base. :nailbiting:
  44. My Alabama was plenty stiff enough. It did take awhile to ship though, but that's also how popular they are.
  45. While I like how the 10 rounder carries, I’ve found that the 12 round not only shoots significantly better it also DRAWS consistently faster so I made the conscious decision that I would carry the extra bulk for the improved performance.

    Do yourselves a favor and do some timed draw, multi-shot and transition drills with both setups to make your most personally informed decisions!

    The difference was so striking to me that I got XL grip modules for all my P365s and went to flush fit 12 rounders.
  46. I didn’t like the pinky extension either. I also like my small guns small, and that l’il extension does print more than the flat one on the 10 rounder.
    For some reason, my new P365 came with two 10 rd mags,both with the dreaded pinky extension. My solution was to remove those extensions, and turn the baseplates into flat ones.
    I put the mag into a vise. I then put a layer of masking tape on the bottom flat of the baseplate. Then I took a 12” bastard file and went to town on it. File until you run into tape, then do a little edge relief and.... IMG_3392.JPG
  47. I am going to do this for sure now.
  48. I can almost assure you it will not.
  49. This is what I have been doing, even though I have a 15 round mag, I find myself carrying the 12+1 and a 12 backup with flush floor plates. The XL grip just feels so much better.