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New Member looking for supply sources

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I guess I'm directing this primarily at any of the members who might (like myself) be from Canada. I've just ordered in a Glock 41 and am interested in getting some extra stuff for it. Maybe some tritium sights, extra mags, possibly trigger kits, that sort of thing. Most of this is stuff I cannot order from the USA, so I'm wondering if anybody knows of a supplier or dealer in Canada that carries accessories for the Glocks?

Thanks in advance for any advice
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Not sure if they ship to Canada:

I'm sure a quick email to them will answer your question. Their shipping within the US is very reasonable.

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Try Lone Wolf Distributors.

Canadian customers may purchase accessories and have them shipped directly to them, without using an exporter.

The order must only contain minor components and accessories of the pistol. It cannot contain major components such as; barrels, slides, frames, magazines, or night sights. These major components must go through the standard export process.
Order total must be under $500
Customer must state their end use in the comments section of the order. (Example: for personal use to remain in Canada)
Orders will be delayed 24-48 hours for processing and reporting in accordance with DDTC (Directorate of Defense Trade Controls)
All international orders are final, we cannot accept returns or refunds on products that were shipped internationally.

All other exports must go through the standard export process, please email [email protected] to get started. Currently we are looking for international partners to establish foreign dealers.

Live outside the USA and want to purchase our products for your own use?
The export process is too expensive and time consuming for consumer orders but you may email [email protected] with the name of a large dealer in your country that already imports products from the USA and we can contact them to see if they'd like to carry our line. You may also have your dealer contact us to get the export process started.
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