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New Lone Wolf Distributor Engraving Service!

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New Lone Wolf Laser Engraving Service!

Lone Wolf Distributors now has a fiber optic laser engraver in-house and would like to announce a great new service for all our valued customers. If you have recently purchased an un-marked Lone Wolf barrel and would like to have the cartridge designation and/or your serial number engraved on the barrel simply return the barrel to us and we will engrave it free of charge.

Simply mail your barrel with a note indicating serial number you want engraved to:

Lone Wolf Distributors
57 Shepard Road
PO Box 3549
Oldtown Idaho, 83822-3549

Please include a cheque for return shipping: $2.50 First Class, $5.50 Priority, and $8.75 UPS Ground. Your barrel will be engraved and return shipped to you the same day we receive it!

If you have any questions regarding this engraving service or other engraving offers please contact Cheri at (208) 437-0612 ext 101. We are open M-F, 8 to 4 PST.