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guys .. i'm looking for some feedback on a 'conceptual design' before we move to a 'physical design' on a light mount that actually fits properly to the Hunter X22 stock ..

would something like this interest anyone?
if i can generate enough interest we will move to physical design and get some solid models up for review in the coming months...

design considerations ...
Core Benefit(s) Proposition
- only offering designed for Magpul Hunter 700(MAG495), Magpul Hunter 700L(MAG483), Magpul Hunter X-22(MAG548) & Magpul Hunter X-22 takedown(MAG760)
- picatinny mount ie. Inforce WML/WMLx -or- 1” ring -or- Surefire Scout M300/600
- ambidextrous
- forward & off set to limit obstruction to ‘common’ hand position
- compact / tight to 0.920” barrel profile

- 6061-T6 Aluminum - body/components
- stainless steel (TBD) - fasteners
- alloy/mild steel - m-lok proprietary t-nut(s) only

Materials Surface Treatments
- Tier 1 Type III, Mil-Spec Hard Coat Anodized
- black oxide conversion
- parkerized (m-lok proprietary)

MSRP target - <$75.00

Thanks for the time to consider and sharing your thoughts/interest..!!

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one of the guys on another forum asked the question "why?" ... after a few others contributed i posted the following and thought it may be beneficial to copy/paste it here too...

good question...
the idea originally grew from my use of the Hunter X22 to control pests/predators around my property & chickens. ie. controlling skunks, *****, fox, fisher, etc.

The idea then kinda grew into, "why not have a slick mounted light on the .22 as a fun plinker"? It's already a 'geeked out toy'! So the proverbial and often not spoken ... because it's just pretty darn cool consideration has come into play too.

i'm throwing the idea out on forums ... hoping for some open minds and exchange of ideas...
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