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New Late Night Diner? Late night pub?

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So I was thinking about it... how about a new club called something along the lines of the Late Night Diner, or the Late night pub. Whatever. The basic idea tho, is to provide a spot for all to gather who are awake late at night. I work Mid - 0800 and I notice a few other members who are consistantly on here late at night. This would be kinda like General Non-Glock, except the daytime traffic wouldn't kill all the threads. If you vote for this club... also vote for a name you like. I'll pick whatever seems best/popular if and when we reach 50 votes. So tell your friends..!
It could be a fun party...
:dancing: :banana: :bluesbrothers: :broccoli: :snoopy: :banana: :pepper: :snoopy: :exercise: :elephant: :rock: