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New Kel Tec - Polished Slide - What Do Ya Think ?

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I got this kel tec a few days ago... It was used, i got a hell of a deal with alot of accessories.

Belt Clip
Extra mag with +1 Extender
= 295.00 out the door

Got One Hell Of a Deal I Think

Gun was a little worn and was thinking about doing a nice duracoat job but i started polishing it and really like the way it turned out.

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That crossed my mind... I plan to keep it well oiled... im also looking into a sealer / coating for it... Im sure someone here has to have a product to suggest...

I went for the more polished/brushed aluminum look rather than a super shiny chrome look...

Thanks for the compliments... Who has a good coating/sealer to suggest ?
That looks sharp. They really should make one with a stainless slide with that two-tone look.
Nice looking gun!
Good god man a decent camera is less than $100.00. Gun looks good by the way or at least I imagine it does sans blur/haze/fuzzy. :supergrin:
I have a nice camera... Its no where around, charged, memory full usually so i hardly ever even bother with it... its more for trips/vacations

Those are iPhone Pics... This was when i just got done... Im sure sometime soon i'll post some higher res pics...

Anyways... Thanks for the compliments
Have ya shot it yet?
Nope lol... been super busy with school... me doing all this work consisted of all homework breaks...

I also didnt wanna shoot it till i found some more ammo... i ordered some tonight so it will be getting shot for sure this week...
Smokin deal, I would have jumped on it as well.

Krylon makes a clearcoat matte spray on finish that might help protect that. I've used it on guns that I've painted myself and it works well.
It won't rust, I did the same thing to mine 2 years ago and other than a monthly shoot and clean have not any issues with it.
Nice to look at. Sucks to shoot it. I have one. Hate shooting it.
That looks sharp. They really should make one with a stainless slide with that two-tone look.
They do. It's what Kel-Tec calls "hard chrome". My P-11 looks like this (from Kel-Tec's own website):

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