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New jersey prelims are up!

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That was fast!
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hey chris congrats you won a gun am subcompact nice!!!!
also big congrats to brian b thats 2 more welcome to the deep end buddy no more swimmies:tongueout:
Woah, preliminary scores in just 2 days? Crazy fast! I did a lot better than I thought too. :wow: Thanks for the quick scores! :)
Just a reminder for everyone to CHECK THEIR SCORESHEETS before initialing them at the match. RO's aren't perfect, especially after a long day of hard work and loud noise. Congrats to all the winners.
Shot my first GSSF match in Jackson, NJ - Great Time!! Looking forward to Topton in August. Looking to shave some time off my 108 first attempt.
Topton is a fun time, and a unique club. They have a small diner at the base of the club, which is pretty convenient. Usually a good turnout. Usually good weather. Congrads on shooting your first match, and good luck at Topton!
Hey, thanks, Shooter. Hope to see you there in August!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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