New iPhone 4.0 OS Coming Out?

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    Posted: 08 Apr 2010 03:21 PM PDT
    Despite getting all sorts of coverage this morning, leading up to a great wrap-up article, we understand that for most people, seeing is believing. And, we mean other than the written word, about someone else seeing it in action. Videos are great, aren’t they? And we know that you probably want to see what iPhone OS 4.0 is all about, at least in the whole multitasking category, right? It’s been a long time coming, and we understand if you can’t be a little more patient. So, let’s just get right into it.
    As you can see from the video below, hitting the Home button twice will bring up a secondary application tray. The multitasking application tray. It will show you some of the apps you’ve got running, and provide you with the quick, and easy option to switch to them on a whim. It doesn’t matter what you’ve got open. Hitting the Home button twice will bring up that application bar, and provide you with whatever else you’ve got running.
    Our main question of the day, and a few other’s, we imagine, was how do we close applications now? Well, there’s some pretty good ideas out there, like, hitting the Home button once. Sound familiar? Yes, that’s how you’ve done it since the beginning, and up until this Summer. However, we don’t know if this is true or not, because hitting the Home button twice doesn’t necessarily bring an application into the background until you’ve selected another one to go to. So, we’ll have to wait and see how that plays out.


    Apple’s iPhone OS 4.0 preview has been and gone, and the aftermath is a much more appealing OS not only for the iPhone but for the new iPad. As anticipated, the biggest draw of today’s event was multitasking, with Apple telling us it’s taken them four iterations of the iPhone OS to get it just right. Elsewhere there’s a new social gaming network for competing with both friends and strangers, a unified inbox and folders for better organising email and apps, and a new iAd advertising platform.
    Multitasking isn’t quite what we’re used to from the desktop. Apple have distilled down the essential APIs necessary for apps that benefit from background tasks – like Pandora playing in the background, or Skype receiving calls even when not in primary focus – and added support for developers to take advantage of them in their software. VoIP, for instance, will be kept running in the background, while Pandora can continue playing even while you browse online or triage your email.
    As for the unified inbox, that pulls together all your accounts into one view (complete with threaded conversations and attachment support), and you’ll be able to use more than one Exchange account on a device at a time. Folders, meanwhile, are a streamlined way to manage your homescreen, allowing you to quickly group together similar apps and save swiping.
    Apple’s social gaming network, Game Center, is a standardised system whereby people can play collaborative multiplayer games. As well as being able to invite specific friends into games, Game Center will also be able to match players based on their ability levels. There’ll be achievements, too, similar to how the PSN and Xbox Live work.
    To keep encouraging developers to not only make apps but to price them free, Apple have delivered iAd, a new advertising platform. Apple will host and deliver adverts into apps, but these will be unlike anything smartphone users have seen before: in fact, they’ll be like nested mini-apps within apps, offering various levels of downloadable content, multimedia, mini-games and more. Devs will see 60-percent of ad revenue, and users will know that their core app is preserved behind the ad (which they can leave at any time) so as to hopefully encourage more people to view them.


    One of the best parts of the iPhone, along with the whole phone thing, is the fact that it’s got a vast App Store with plenty of games out there. In fact, they’ve got a monstrous list, at 50,700 total games, and it rakes in somewhere in the ballpark of $500 million in revenue for the company. So, obviously mobile gaming is something that Apple wants to capitalize on, and sure enough, they’ve introduced Game Center for iPhone OS 4.0.

    The entire idea is social gaming. While many might consider this similar to the PlayStation Network, it’s more akin to Microsoft’s Xbox LIVE Arcade, in which you get to play a lot more “casual” games. Even if there are leaderboards, and we know there’s competitive people out there, the main focus is to be social with the people you know playing inside the same gaming network, along with meeting new friends.
    Additionally, with multiplayer games being the focal point here, your’e going to be able to meet up with people of your own “skill,” as you move from one title to another. This is a lot like the TrueSkill meter that (almost) every multiplayer game known to man uses, at least in the console gaming world. The whole system will track game-specific achievements as well. You can also add friends to a growing list, if you like meeting strangers.
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