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New Holster From JoshK Kolbeson Leather Works

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Well I just received my holster from JoshK and it is truly a work of art. I loved the look of LilWolfess and looked up Josh's website.

I decided on a Black with body shield, with Scale stamping and one way snaps for a G17 size gun.

I figured that a G17 would handle my 17,22,23,26,27 in a pinch.

Only having had it on for a day I can say at this point i find it more comfortable then a similar popular design of higher cost.

This holster is hand mad from the holes punched to the stitching to the stamping and is truly one of the highest quality holsters I have had the privilege to own.

I really wasn't sure about the snap on front loop, but after utilizing it on the belt I find it work excellent not only to stabalize the holster, but to aid in locking the holster in place on the belt.

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