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New guy from Erie Pennsyltucky

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Hello everyone. I know I just slandard my State with my title, but its true there are a lot of "hill" influenced people in Pennsylvania. I was browsing around, knew about the site for quite sometime now and decided what the heck why not sign up hang around for a while maybe learn some stuff. I consider myself a firearms hobbyist. I collect a lot of different modern firearms. I dabble in gunsmith, armourer type activities. I tend to fill my safe sell then refill my safe. There are guns I come across that don't get sold as well. When my budget allows I have a wish list and eventually I will start to work on that list a little more than I have recently. Hope to have some fun here chat about guns and fixing them.
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Be nice to Erie! My parents and a lot of my side come from Erie. Haven't been there since 1980 but loved the area. Grandfather worked at Durst Pipe Organ Co. which is gone now. But hey there!
I don't mind Erie. I live in the city upper east side was born and raised here. Get the winter blues when the temps become frigid but overall Erie isn't a bad place. I've certainly been to worse places thats for sure.
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