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Glock 19 New gun day! GLOCK 19gen5 FS model

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    I like the look of the front serrations and I am indifferent on the grip half moon cut out,
    this one doesn’t have the cut out but it never bothered me on others.
  2. Congrats. Just ordered one last night myself!

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  3. If I was to ever get into Gen 5, that one would probably be my first purchase.
  4. A great choice!
  5. Congrats. I'm looking at these too. If you would be so kind, what is the Glock model number for the Austrian version you got (as opposed to the USA version). It must be me, I hate Glock's new website, and Gallery of Guns doesn't have good enough pics for me to get the model number.
  6. Well that is very nice! Congratulations! :cheers:
  7. Sweet, I’m ordering one in the spring, unless of course the gen5 G23 is out.[emoji6]

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  8. I will definitely get that for you when I get home this afternoon
  9. I understand, gen3 is my preferred generation but I liked the front serrations and a guy can never have enough GLOCK 19’s around.
  10. Thank you.
  11. Where did you end up ordering yours from?
  12. This is a blue label model number PA195S202, I believe the commercial model number is PA195S203
  13. That's a great looking new shooter! :50cal:
  14. Congrats I just got my second GEN. 5 19 MOS first is has half moon cut out.
  15. Got it setup with some sights, time to test point of impact. 3F2B0168-84E7-4F7F-8E7D-D9BB18EF8635.jpeg
  16. Congrats. Perfection!
  17. Went my LGS, and they only had the one with the Ameriglo, so they said they would order. After I made the post, I got a call they weren’t sure when they were getting more because they’re main supplier was out. Long story short ended up going to another shop who had it in stock and got the transaction going.

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  18. Brewtactical; congrats, looks really good. I currently have two Gen 4 Front Serrations 19s, but if need/want another 19 its going to be the Gen 5 FS model like you picked up!
  19. Oh nice, glad it worked out.
  20. Yeah I like the front serrations on there for sure, the gen4 with them were gone before I could get one last summer.
  21. Congrats
    Thats a pretty one
    If I still didn’t have my old Genll G19 I would scoop one up.
    Have fun breaking it in.
  22. I still would like to have a gen2 19 and one day hopefully it will work out, thanks for the kind words.
  23. Nice buy. Debating getting a 19 or a 45.
  24. Great choice!
  25. Thanks, If you already have a 19 then I say a 45 if not get the 19.
  26. Thanks deputy.
  27. I have a 26.3, so the world is my oyster, lol.
  28. Congrats on the G19.
  29. Yeah it is, lol.
  30. Thank you Bac.
  31. Really like mine. IMO this and the MOS versions are the best G19's produced to date. It has been spending more time in my duty holster than my G45.


  32. Very nice setup, I usually prefer gen3 19 but the more I handle and shoot this one the more I like it.
  33. *W
    *What does the "FS" stand for ?
  34. Front Serrations I believe.
  35. Congratulations. I received my G19 Generation5 pistol (with night sights) a month or two ago. I alternate carrying it mostly with my G30sf. I load it with Speer Gold Dot +P 124 grain HPs.
  36. Nice, those are both good carry options and that is a good loading for 9mm. I use hornady critical duty 135gr +p for 9mm carry.
  37. I have a Gen2 G-19, it is a nice pistol, but I have been debating on a new one. With the size of my hands and fingers,
    I have been staying with my Gen2 G-19 & G-23. The gen3/4
    Just does not work. The gen5's have several updates I have not kept up with all of them. The Front Serrations don't matter to me, but the notch on the front of the grip does.
    The 19X, and 45 both interest me. I doubt if I will be carrying a 19, because I have a G-43X, and G-23, and G-30S Those take care of my Carry. I guess I will keep reading and try to keep up. G-19 Gen5, G-19X, G-45, Really kind of leaning more toward the G-45. Have to work out a Comparison Spread Sheet, on the three of them.
    Well because it will mostly Range only, and I have a good
    G-19, I think it will be between the G-19X, and G-45.
  38. I would concur. Though my G45 is my favorite.
  39. Correct.
  40. Lucky dog, i won a Gen 5 Glock-19 in a drawing last month at my local Police supply store, this is the Gen 5 G-19 version I wanted, but they didn't have one, as such I got a stock Gen 5 G-19.
    So I envy you.
  41. Fixed sights

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  42. Fixed sights

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  43. Fixed sights

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  44. Sorry for the multiple post. Phone doing weird stuff.

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  45. As far as “FS”, I was thinking of it in a different context. The front serrations i believe is the correct answer.

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  46. Winning a firearm is a pretty nice prize, enjoy the 19.
  47. Front Serrations, Glock added the FS to the 4th Gen summer special, and now the newest version of the Gen 5 17 and 19. I suspect they will drop the FS next go round, as it appears the serrations are now standard on all models from here on out.

  48. I sure hope it will be standard on them all.