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I want to give GSSF a try. I want to shoot in as many categories as I can using one stock gun. My main Glock is a G38. Would I be better off getting a G17, or something like that, with a higher capacity? I have read the rules, I just am unclear and I would like some real life advice.

Thank you

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You may use your G38 but you will need G37 magazines to be able to shoot the stages. You may enter wither your G38 or a G37 in the following categories:

1. Amateur Civilian
2. Amateur Competition
3. Master Stock*
4. Masters/Unlimited*

* You will be shooting against Masters in this category.

You may enter a category only one time.

The G38 is plenty accurate for GSSF. It's what I shoot. Since the stages require you to shoot 10 round strings, the G37 magazines are necessary.

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The 3 models that can be used in every GSSF class are the G-29, G-30, and G-39.

Of the three, given ammo availability the best is probably the G-30SF.

The G-17 is probably the most overall competitive in the most popular division, though; Civilian.

"Bring what you got". I would not buy any guns specifically for GSSF until I had shot a few matches and saw what specific divisions I wanted to pursue more than others.

For what it's worth, the most popular divisions in order of average participation are:

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