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New Glocker with G32

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Hi, I just got my first Glock, a used 32.
I traded 2 Hi-Point pistols for it, and so far I'm not regretting it.:supergrin:
I'm not new to guns, but I am new to Glock so I'll probably have some pretty stupid questions.
Oh, nice place ya got here. :)
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Thats a pretty good trade! Congrats
Glad you got rid of the HiPoint's. Congrats on your Glock.
Great trade you made! You definitely came out on top with that! I wouldn't trade a Glock for 10 Hi Points!
Anybody here CC the 32?
Every day in the cool months. In summer it's the baby brother (G33). Easy to conceal and VERY lethal. I love the 357 SIG round.
Welcome to the "32" club. Great gun, though ammo is a bit more expensive. Can be had somewhat cheaply if you look hard enough. I plan on carrying my 32 concealed, and open carried when I get back to Indiana.
Right now i carry a taurus PT111 9mm.
Great little gun, not too bad to conceal in a Kholster IWB.
I would like to carry the Glock once in a while, but it seems a tad long handled to me for a CC.
What holsters do you guys use?
I think I'm gonna really like this gun.
I use a Tucker Answer for IWB, and either a Glock Sport/Combat or Tucker HF-1 for OWB. The Tucker holsters are pretty expensive with a seriously long wait, but the quality is unsurpassed. There are plenty of fine holsters out there for the G19/23/32 size pistols, many advertised on this site. In the summer with shorts an a T- shirt I sometimes use a smart carry. The Glock holster is an excellent choice as a starter OWB holster, just make sure you get the larger G21 size. It's an easier draw but retains the same. Most Glock dealers won't even stock the smaller model. The Glock holster works best with a good gunbelt. Mine are Beltman belts, but there are several other good ones out there too. Good luck and welcome to the dark side.
Congrats! The Crossbreed Supertuck is a great holster and will hide your G32 just fine.
Best trade I've ever heard of! I love my G32 and carry it daily in a Sparks VM2. Welcome to the forum. I had the good sense to leave Nebraska!
Best trade I've ever heard of! I love my G32 and carry it daily in a Sparks VM2. Welcome to the forum. I had the good sense to leave Nebraska!
Awww it ain't so bad here.
Except duting the monsoon season. :supergrin:
What part of Nebraska are you from?
I'd love to have a VM2, but I'd like to carry it in this lifetime and arent' they pretty pricey?
I just bought a 32 last week and I really like it. I mostly have Sigs but I wanted to try a Glock and so far it has been great. .357Sig round is my favorite for sure.
Welcome to the Glock club!

From Syracuse, Nebraska here
Hometown Cozad.
I just ordered a G32 as well, should be here Thursday. I'm excited to get back to .357Sig.
Congrats on the G32, you're going to love it. And, welcome. :wavey:
Sounds like you got the better of the deal. Congrats and welcome to GT.
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