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New Glocker in San Antonio

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Just wanted to drop in and say Howdy! I had a few Glocks years ago but sold them. Time was right to start the collection up again so I picked up a G19 and am looking at a G30. I'm on the NE side of SA. Hope to meet some fellow shooters in my area.

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Welcome aboard :thumbsup:
Hi TattooedGlock!
Come visit the bullethole for one of their shoots, I'm sure you'll meet some folks their that post here in GT.
I also like Bullethole, shoot my Glocks in the pistol league, great people, safe, fun range.
Bullet Hole is a good place. Tattooed, PM sent.
Where is bullet hole? I live over by Randolph AFB. I've shot at Bracken a few times but I don't think they have leagues or shoots.
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